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This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

When it comes to babies and the holidays, we find that as parents that we seek out the products that can help make the time a little easier on everyone, especially when it comes to sleep. As a mom, I am always looking for those products, the ones that allow baby to sleep a little better and in hand allow parents to get a little more sleep as well. I have learned that when it comes to sleep, that a wet diaper can disrupt those dreams quickly. So having products like the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ on hand, can make all of the difference when it comes to keeping bottoms and linens dry and allowing everyone a little more sleep.

With the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™, I like that when baby is sleeping that their sleep can go uninterrupted when it comes to a wet bottom that can lead to leaks. Because when it comes to leaks, especially the ones that can occur in the middle of the night while everyone is enjoying their sleep, we find that we might not just wake up to a wet diaper but soiled linens as well. Making it to where parents are not only having to change a diaper on a fussy and tired baby, but also having to change the sheets and babies clothing which can then lead to baby being wide awake and causing those dreams in our slumber to be a thing of the past.

I like knowing that when I go with Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ that I am going with a brand that understands parents and why even the smallest things can make all the difference. As parents, we find that with a baby, that we do not have the time we once had to do even the simple things that we used to take advantage of. We find that we then cherish the little things, like with the extra sleep we might get when baby sleeps a little more through the night that we can do more. We are less cranky and more focused, and with that we can take advantage of those naps that baby takes to take a little me time to shower uninterrupted, catch up on a show we have on the DVR and whatever else we find that we can do during those naps.

And with the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ I like that the feel is softer than before and also more absorbent, and that we also get the large stretchy tabs that make for easy fastening, giving parents a diaper that has the features that parents seek and babies need for less than the leading brand! Making it so that having the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ can be a night saver, allowing that sleep to happen, and also allowing parents to get that time out they need!

So as you prepare to celebrate the holidays with your babies, celebrate with the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ and embrace all that you “Luv”, and be sure to join the #WhatULuv Twitter party hosted by @iConnect and @Luvs, on November 29th, 9-10pm EST to share what you value as a parent. Also enter below for your chance to win a pack of the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ and a $25 AMEX Gift Card.


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  1. Aaron Reck
    November 26, 2016 / 10:14 pm

    I Luv my niece LIllyAnne and I think that she would really appreciate this. I had a great time this Thanksgiving and I appreciate this. I got some good deals. Still need to do some shopping.

  2. Shelly Peterson
    November 27, 2016 / 12:05 am

    I Luv spending time with my grandsons.

  3. JLin Mei
    November 27, 2016 / 2:41 am

    Luv my kids

  4. Mami2jcn
    November 27, 2016 / 2:49 am

    I luv my husband and kids.

  5. HS
    November 27, 2016 / 3:27 am

    I luv my family.

  6. Anita
    November 27, 2016 / 3:30 am

    I Luv my family and friends and my dog and cat.

  7. Elena
    November 27, 2016 / 4:32 am

    I love my family and my pets

  8. Tee Anderson
    November 27, 2016 / 6:20 am

    I Luv my 2 children

  9. Isaiahsmom
    November 27, 2016 / 7:12 am

    I love being with my kids and family.

  10. Lisa Brown
    November 27, 2016 / 8:40 am

    I love my husband

  11. Renee Walters
    November 27, 2016 / 9:47 am

    I love spending time with my kids and my family.

  12. Jennifer W
    November 27, 2016 / 11:34 am

    I Luv my family and the fact that Luvs makes quality diapers.

  13. Janet W.
    November 27, 2016 / 12:07 pm

    I luv my family and how supportive we are of each other. I also luv Luvs and how absorbent they are on my grandson when he wears them overnight!

  14. Julie Wood
    November 27, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    I love my Dad, sister, brother, and son and daughter!

    November 27, 2016 / 12:42 pm

    I love my family.

  16. Joseph Wallace
    November 27, 2016 / 1:20 pm

    I LUV my wife and family. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  17. momo
    November 27, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    Years ago in the seventies if my memory is not failing me right now, Pampers was the first original disposable diaper that came out. I do remember trying them back then and not really liking them very much because the side sticky tabs did not stay stuck. Then when Luvs came out with theirs I liked them much better to use on the kids.

  18. Austin Baroudi
    November 27, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    I love my daughter and my family!mcfallsk8er[at]aim[dot]com

  19. Brandi Dawn
    November 27, 2016 / 4:36 pm

    I love the night lock too, it really works! And I agree that it is nice when baby's sleep can go uninterrupted.

  20. Sarah Hayes
    November 27, 2016 / 4:46 pm

    i love playing outside with my daughter

  21. Barbara Montag
    November 27, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    I love my family, grand kids and our two cats.thank you

  22. Natalie
    November 27, 2016 / 7:26 pm

    I luv my niece who was born last Monday! What a great Thanksgiving!

  23. Patricia Wojnar Crowley
    November 27, 2016 / 7:31 pm

    I luv my nieces and nephews, my chihuahua, my cat, and my husband!

  24. Anonymous
    November 27, 2016 / 9:17 pm

    I love luvs a great brand for a great bargain. Patricia

  25. katy
    November 28, 2016 / 1:06 am

    I luv that my niece is expecting and she would luv luvs diapers for her baby shower.

  26. Gina Marie
    November 28, 2016 / 2:05 am

    I luv my family – husband and son!Thanks for the chance to win!wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  27. Marilyn
    November 28, 2016 / 2:16 am

    I luv my 5 guys… 2 boys, 2 dogs and hubby.

  28. Michelle
    November 28, 2016 / 3:57 am

    I luv that Luvs makes such a high quality affordable product! I also luv my family and I luv that the holidays are coming up so quickly.

  29. Elena
    November 28, 2016 / 4:26 am

    I have your button on my blog-http://frugalcalimom.blogspot.com

  30. Kristen
    November 28, 2016 / 7:01 am

    I luv musicals.

  31. CindyWindy2003
    November 28, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    I Luv books, hot chocolate, cats, my boyfriend, family, friends, coupons, freebies, wins, cheapies, puzzles, I luv a lot!

  32. CindyWindy2003
    November 28, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    your button is on my blog at cindywindylovesblogsnfrogs.blogspot.com.

  33. mary gardner
    November 28, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    I love my children and grandchildren!

  34. Wild N Mild $$$
    November 28, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    I Luv reading. I am a book addict. lol

  35. Momma4life
    November 29, 2016 / 3:28 am

    I love being with family and friends.

  36. Lauren
    November 29, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    I Luv my family.

  37. Katie Smith
    November 30, 2016 / 3:37 am

    I luv the price of the diapers and that they dont leak!

  38. Edye Nicole
    November 30, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    I luv Jesus and my family.mia2009(at)comcast(dot)net

  39. Mary Cloud
    December 2, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    I love my family – my husband and kids

  40. Kris
    December 2, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    I luv my family!

  41. [Whatever U are, be a good one!]
    December 3, 2016 / 9:31 pm

    I Luv my little one :)Thank You for the chanceFiona N

  42. arress
    December 4, 2016 / 1:17 am

    I luv spending the weekend with my Granddaughter.

  43. Jamie Williams
    December 4, 2016 / 2:07 am

    I Luv my daughter, dog and 4 cats.

  44. Seyma Bennett Shabbir
    December 4, 2016 / 3:51 am

    I love the quality and the price!

  45. Courtnie Miller
    December 5, 2016 / 12:53 am

    I love my nephew!

  46. Tammy S Catterton
    December 5, 2016 / 4:49 am

    I luv to spend time with my family when it is possible.

  47. tat2gurlzrock
    December 6, 2016 / 7:06 pm

    I Luv my new grandson!

  48. Karin
    December 9, 2016 / 2:24 am

    I Luv bubble lights on a Christmas tree.

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