Holiday Gift Ideas: Springfree Trampoline

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Springfree Trampoline through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

As the holiday shopping season kicks off and we head out to find those gifts that are sure to make our recipients happy, we find that we like to seek out the gifts that keep on giving. Over the years I have learned that when it comes to the big gifts for the kids, that giving them a gift they can enjoy year round is ideal. So naturally, when we went to our local Springfree Trampoline for a fun family event, my kids pointed out that the products from Springfree are both fun and gift ideas that can get the whole family up and moving year round!

See when we go with Springfree Trampoline and become a customer, I like that they not only invite you and your friends to those family events they have, but they also treat guests like family at their stores. We were very pleased to have friendly faces greet us and welcome us to the store as if we were at a friends house, as well as see that they treat all of their guests in the same manor. We also found that with their family events, that they have activities to keep the kids busy with and offer the kids a chance to try some of their various products and also show everyone how to use them. Which allows the kids to try out those big gift ideas and parents to see what all the kids and even the parents can do with those items.

I also found that when it comes to the products and the selection of both trampolines and the accessories that are available, that they keep families in mind. I mean, they have various sizes of trampolines available, allowing you to start with a smaller one when it comes to the little kids, then purchase the larger ones as the kids grow. They also have other items such as the basketball set ups for the trampolines along with the Tgoma, which is a way to turn your Springfree Trampoline into a smart trampoline and is a product that the entire family can use!

With the Tgoma, you get a smart system to add to your Springfree Trampoline that gives you access to apps that offer active playtime by syncing your tablet to the Bluetooth on the Tgoma. This smart play is made possible with the sensors that you put on the trampoline itself as directed when you set up the Tgoma, allowing it to pick up on where you are and place your movements on the apps for play. You can then play games, where jumping and moving around is the only way to play, and when it comes to the active play that adults can take part in, they have apps that help you to work out as well! Which in all, makes the Springfree Trampolines with the Tgoma not only a great gift to give your family this holiday season, but also a great family friendly company to purchase from!


  1. Janet W.
    November 20, 2016 / 11:59 am

    Trampoline's make such a great Christmas gift! My grandsons would love to have one!

  2. Maryann D.
    November 20, 2016 / 8:06 pm

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