Puzzle Fun for the Kids with Puzzingo Puzzles

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As we pack up the cars to head out for those holiday vacations, we find that aside from insuring we have the clothing and snacks we will be needing, that having activities for the kids to enjoy in the car is also ideal. The thing is, when it comes to kids, especially when you have kids of various ages, that finding those activities to keep them occupied with can be easier said than done. I mean, what my teen might find entertaining can be something that my 4 year old might find boring. So finding the apps that the kids can play with whether we are at home or on the go, that are geared towards the different ages, is something that I aim for. And with the Puzzingo Puzzles App, my preschooler can take that puzzle fun he loves along with him anywhere we go!

The Puzzingo Puzzles is a fun app that my preschooler can play with and create fun puzzles on. We both like that unlike the puzzles we do at home, that these puzzles are interactive puzzles with fun animated characters. We also like that when we log in each day, that there are new puzzles for my little guy to check out and play.

The puzzles have fun sounds that play while my little guy is on the app, and with the various designs that he can go with he can find plenty of puzzles to play with and do over and over again. In fact, when it comes to the amount of puzzles he can play, I like that there are over 100 puzzles for him to check out.

Along with the selection, I find that the Puzzingo Puzzles are great for building memory, vocabulary and even cognitive skills while he is playing. Giving him a matching type game that is fun and challenging!

Then when it comes to all the puzzle fun that is available, I like that I can gift him new puzzles to try out, allowing him to unlock some of the puzzles that he wants to try out! This is great for when we are traveling or for even surprising him with as a gift this holiday season.

Which in all, makes the Puzzingo Puzzles App a great app to have for your kids and also a great gift to give the kids this coming holiday season! You can download Puzzingo Puzzles from iTunes, Google Play and at the Amazon App Store.

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  1. Julie Wood
    November 28, 2016 / 1:14 pm

    The Puzzle game is so much fun! My daughter and son would love to play with this puzzle. I will have to check out the app on Google Play!

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