Holiday Decor with Starry Laser Lights

When it comes to finding those holiday decor products to put up both inside and outside the home, I find that lights tend to be what attracts the most attention. Like many, when it comes to the lights over the holidays, we like to have lights on our tree, around the mantles, and outside on our house. And like many, I have noticed those laser lights that others are putting out in lieu of the traditional string lights. So when I was sent the Christmas Laser Lights Projector Waterproof Star Blue & Green Landscape Lights with Wireless Remote by Starry Laser Lights to set up and review, I was excited to set them up and add them to my list of must have holiday decor items.

I found the set up to be very simple, and instead of having to worry about climbing ladders to string up lights around my house, I was able to just place the Starry Laser Lights projector up, plug it in then turn it on with the remote that is included. After turning it on, I found that I could move it around until I found the spot where I got the most little star coverage on my home with the laser lights. I was impressed to learn that with this one little laser light set up that I can cover up to 3900 square feet from a distance of 25 feet away.

Then when it comes to the outdoor factor and use, I like that this laser light set up is waterproof, and I can set up a automatic timer using the remote! I can really appreciate that with the timer that I can set using the included remote that I can set the timer to have the lights go on at the same time everyday and stay on for a certain amount of time as well. Along with the timer that I can set with the remote, I like that I can choose the star combinations, the patterns and the pattern speed. Which in all makes the Laser Christmas Lights Green and Blue with Remote from Starry Laser Lights a great choice to go with this holiday season when it comes to finding the right lights to set up outside the home!

Product received, thank you to Starry Laser Lights as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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