Holiday Gift Ideas: Recharge with the HumanCharger®

With the days for that holiday shopping getting shorter and those lists needing to be fulfilled, I find that seeking out the gifts that others will enjoy using everyday can be ideal. Like many, I find that around this time of year I am exhausted. From the various sports that I am taking my kids to and from to the shopping, menu making, and holiday prep being put into play, by the end of the day, I can feel like there is no more energy left. So when I was introduced to the HumanCharger®, I was excited to check it out and add it to my list of must have gifts to give this holiday season!

See with the HumanCharger®, you get that same energizing feeling you get from being out in the sun during the warmer months, from a device that fits right in your pocket! It is the must have winter device to have during this time of year or really any time of the year, especially when you work indoors a lot. The HumanCharger® helps to increase alertness, fight off those winter blues we can get from being indoors and being deprived of sunlight, and even help with fighting off jet lag and improve your overall mood! Giving you a device that it is truly like having your own personal ray of sunshine right in your pocket, and allows you to “recharge” your brain, mood, and well being by just simply turning it on and putting the earbuds in. From there you get the charge that comes from the UV free blue enriched white light that is sent through the earbuds. This effect then helps your mind and body to reset to that natural circadian rhythm that can be thrown off from being indoors, lack of sunlight and even when we travel.

Then when it comes to other benefits you can get from using this handy device, well it can help to combat those cravings for carbs that we get when we are feeling down or stuck indoors. Which in all makes the HumanCharger® a must have for anyone including yourself this holiday season! You can find your own HumanCharger® online at stores such as Amazon, Brookstone, Target and Magellan’s, or visit

Product received, thank you to HumanCharger® as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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