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This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Upthere and ScanMyPhotos through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

As we prepare for the holidays, I find that the thing I look forward to most is seeing my family. Like many families, mine is spread out across the country, and we find that the holidays is the one time of year where we can get together to catch up and spend that much needed time making memories for years to come. Like most families, we have photos of memories we have made in the past, and along with the photos that have been taken in my lifetime, my parents also have the photos that were given to them by their parents from not only the times they had growing up but also of our ancestors. The thing is, many of the photos both the ones of me growing up and the older photos of my family, we find that they show their age and as time goes on I worry that those photos might not last much longer and that the quality of some is beginning to fade. So as my family and I get together this year, we will be gathering those photos, both the old and the new, and sending them to Upthere, where we can have our photos scanned in to the Upthere cloud like service, allowing us to view, share and preserve those memories for many years to come!

See Upthere is a online service that allows you to send in those photos you have, the ones you want to preserve for years to come, through ScanMyPhotos. And right now when you go to ScanMyPhotos to have your photos scanned in to Upthere, you can send in up to 1000 4 x 6 photos and have them scanned in to your Upthere account then sent back to you for free! This is great for families like my own, where we are spread out around the country, to then go on and view those amazing photos anytime and also add to our collection as we make more memories over the years to come!

The service is simple to use, first you go on here where you can take advantage of the limited time offer to send in your 1000 photos to have scanned into your Upthere account. After you get your confirmation and your scan voucher, you can then follow the instructions which you can get on the offer page when you click on the Photo Preparation Procedure link. From there, be sure to package your photos as instructed, add the return label that you will get after confirming your order, and mail in your photos to the address they provide for you.

Then, once they receive your photos, they will scan those photos to your Upthere account, which can take 5-10 days after they receive the photos and ship your photos back to you! Giving you and your family access to those memories for many years to come and making Upthere the place to utilize when it comes to preserving those holiday and family memories! So as you and your family prepare for the holidays, be sure to gather all of those photos, both the old and the new, head to Upthere and send your photos in so you and your family can preserve and enjoy those precious memories for years to come!

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  1. Janet W.
    December 9, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    This sounds like a great service. Nothing is more important than preserving memories!

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