Stay In Touch With Your Family Using a Private Family Hub

If you have a big family, than you will understand some of these  problems. For example, it is hard to know, where each member of your  family is. It is extremely rare if you are able to have a  heart-to-heart talk to every member of the family, and it is difficult  to manage all family expenses and to remember all points of to-do list  related to all members of your big family. It is even more difficult,  when all members of your family live in different cities or countries.

There are a huge number of applications that can help schedule your  time and stay connected with family members: to-do-lists, location  trackers, reminders and check-ins. However, using several different  applications for all these things does not make life easier. It may even  add clutter to your already hectic routine. This is why you need a smart  and convenient app, which can put all these features in one place.  

As an all-in-one solution, FamilyInSafe offers a completely different  approach to simplifying your daily routine. It includes you and your  family need to stay digitally in sync. A real-time location tracker, a  handy to-do list, a set of standard, geofence, location-based reminders,  a private messenger, and family budgeting features are all available in  one single app.  

Therefore, you can see places that were visited by hub members, create  to-do-lists and share them with family members, set up standard  reminders or location-based reminders that are connected to certain  places. In addition, the battery-charge-level feature will let you relax  about why your family members are offline: you can see that their  battery is just drained.

The app is ready to help with family budgeting as well as protecting  your family chat. It is integrated with PocketGuard, a separate app that  allows you automatically to track your income and spending.
The built in  online chat is ad-free and lets you chat in a secure environment. The app lets you keep up with everything that happens in your family within  a private community that is absolutely protected from strangers.   FamilyInSafe is free and available to download on the iTunes Store, Google Play and you  can read more about it on our website.


  1. Julie Wood
    December 13, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    This sounds like a great app to give a try to keep in touch with family! I rally like how easy it is to use!

  2. Rose-Marie
    December 13, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    This is a wonderful idea, and I'm amazed I haven't seen or heard of it before. Perfect!

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