The Importance of Oral Health in Pets

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to caring for our pets, we tend to treat them like we would do our children. We ensure that they are fed properly, that they get their exercise, we schedule checkups to help keep them healthy and when they are sick we take them to the doctor. We do all of this because we love them and find that just like kids, our fur babies look to us to care for them. So when it comes to our pets and their oral health, just like ourselves and our kids, I find that I want to ensure that their mouths are healthy and properly cared for. And with the information that I can get when I head to the Petcurean site, I can learn more about the importance of the oral health in our pets and also find out how I can be sure to stay on top of it.

See when I head to the Petcurean site, I like that I can find the foods and treats that my fur babies enjoy, learn about about the products and the ingredients, and also find information from the pet experts that can help to answer questions as well as give me the information I might be needing when it comes to my pets. And with the article Why Oral Health is Important For Pets, written by Val Culpin, I learned a lot when it comes to my fur babies and their oral health, and how just like humans, they too can develop issues over time if that oral health is neglected which can then affect their overall health.

These oral health issues include the dreaded stinky breath that many of us notice when we have those adorable noses nudged up to our faces. But along with the stinky breath, our pets can also develop issues with plaque, tartar, gingivitis, Periodontitis, and even abscesses. I also learned that in extreme cases of poor oral hygiene in our pets that these issues that are caused by the bacteria buildup can develop into more serious issues such as organ damage to the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys, which may become irreversible if it gets too bad. And like we do in our home as humans to care for our own oral hygiene, that brushing your pets teeth regularly can be a great preventative matter. In fact, it is important to not only brush your pets teeth with either a pet toothbrush or a finger brush, but also use pet toothpaste (not human toothpaste), so they can get that fresh and clean smell and look to their teeth!

Then, just like we do to set up those dental appointments for ourselves and our kids, we can do the same for our pets. Allowing them to go in and get a dental checkup and cleaning by the vet so that we can help to keep their mouths happy and clean. Which in all, makes Petcurean both the pet food and treat of choice for the fur babies in my home, as well as a great site to reference to when it comes to finding information on pet care and pet health! So if you have a fur baby or fur babies in your home, be sure to check out the information you can find at the Petcurean site on oral health, and also be sure to add the Petcurean products to their diets to help keep them healthy and happy!

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    February 1, 2017 / 12:40 pm

    We don't currently have any pets, but this is good to know if we decide to get a dog.

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