Adding a New Member to the Family with Petcurean

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When it comes to my family and making big decisions, I find that in my home, depending on the decision at hand, that aside from discussing with my husband, we also like to include our kids in and get their input as well. This allows us to include everyone, and gives everyone a chance to voice their concerns and take all into consideration. We find that with the family decisions, we make them together over things such as vacation planning, holidays, and when we find that it is time to add a new member to the family. And over the past few months, aside from planning our next family vacation, we have been discussing the possibility of adding a new fur baby member to our family. So naturally, as we make plans to add to our family, I have found that we can turn to the experts at Petcurean and learn more on why adopting a pet can make all the difference for everyone!

See in our home, we have our kids and our fur babies, who all get along and have grown together. The thing is, when it comes to our dogs, Chloe is our only dog, and with her being a elderly dog, we have found that she is not as enthusiastic to go out and play, chase a ball, or run around with the kids as she once was. So after months of the kids begging, and going around to the various rescues and shelters in our area, we decided to bring the decision to a family discussion and talk about the responsibilities that are included when it comes to adopting a new pet.

Naturally the kids have been ecstatic, and have taken on more responsibilities to prove that they will be more than willing to help with a new dog. We have all also agreed that in the next couple of months, leading up to the summer break, that we will begin heading to the shelters and rescues on a weekly basis, until we find that one puppy or dog that we all feel is the one for us. This is something we had done years ago when my husband and I adopted Chloe from a rescue and just like before, we want to take our time to find that one dog or even puppy that we all feel is the right one! And as we head out to the shelters and rescues, we will be keeping in mind, the amazing tips we found on the Petcurean site from the article that includes 8 great reasons on why adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do.

These reasons to adopt include the fact that when we adopt, we are saving a life, and providing a safe and secure environment to a dog who really needs it along with so many other great reasons that you can find when you go here: Which not only gives us an amazing list of info on adopting when we head to the Petcurean site, but also allows us to find the right dog food to give our new dog or puppy once we have found the new member to add to our family. Making Petcurean a great resource for information on both the foods they carry and on caring for our pets!


  1. Maryann D.
    March 29, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    Chloe is sweet and I am so glad you adopted her! The family photo is wonderful too.twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Fiddlin' Dandi
    March 30, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    We don't have any pets, but my son would love to get a dog!

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