Clubhouse Tent from Pacific Play Tents

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we find that we have a lot of rainy days. This is just something that we have gotten used to, and with that, I have learned that as a parent, having the indoor activities and toys for my kids is a must. Like many kids, mine love building forts and playing in clubhouses with their friends, and like many who live in our area, we take a lot of that fun indoors. So when we were sent the Clubhouse House Tent from the line of fun playhouse tents at Pacific Play Tents to review, I was excited to set it up and share it with my kids for rainy day fun!

Once we took the parts out of the box, I found the set up was very simple and a set up process that my kids have been able to do over and over again when they choose to take out and set up their clubhouse. I like that with this tent, that the space on the inside allows more than one child to go in and play. I also like that the windows and doors can be opened up as the kids choose, allowing them to pretend like their tent is a clubhouse or mini cabin. Along with the fun clubhouse look that is on the outside of this tent, I like that on the inside that it continues to engage my kids and their imaginations with the space provided. Allowing them to add toys and such as they please.

Then when it comes to taking down the Clubhouse Tent, I like that just like the set up, that the taking down of the tent is simple as well, and that both the poles and the fabric can be stored away easily until my kids are ready to set it up again! Making the Clubhouse Tent from Pacific Play Tents, a great playhouse to have in any home, especially when it comes to those rainy days.

Product received, thank you to Pacific Play Tents as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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