Essentials for Baby from Miracle Ware

When it comes to having everything in place as you bring a new baby home, as parents we find that there is a lot to consider. We seek out the products that can help make the days a little easier and along with those we also seek out those essentials, like the blankets, sleepers and bodysuits for baby. So when we were sent the Miracle Sleeper along with a 5 Pack Body Suits from Miracle Ware to review, I knew that Heather would be excited to try them out on little Zoey and also share her thoughts with our readers. You can read Heather’s review below!

As a parent to a newborn, you can never have enough bodysuits for baby. They are great for layering under lighter clothes or just lounging around in on a warm day. The Miracle Wear Bodysuit is made of high quality 100% cotton making it soft and soothing against babies skin. Excellent for cuddling baby all day or all night long. My little girl was happy to wear these and didn’t fuss getting it on or off since they are so soft and comfy.

Then when it comes to staying warm and cozy at night, we found the sleep sack to be a great addition, because on top of the bodysuits, we also received the Miracle Sleeper for review.  This will be nice to use when we transition from the swaddle blankets. Since this is sleeveless, she will have free use of her arms and will not get too warm. She will be able to kick about without losing her blanket so she won’t get cold. The top down zipper will allow for easy diaper changes (this is a major plus).  These come in many different patterns and sizes so you should have no trouble finding ones that you and your baby will love. Which in all, makes shopping for some of those essentials a little easier when you shop the line of products from Miracle Ware!

Product received, thank you to Miracle Wear as well as the PR for supplying me with the products for this review, all opinions are my own.

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