Surround WiFi for the Home from Luma

When it comes to the home and our internet use in the home, many of us try to limit the use with our kids. We set screen time limits, try to set parental controls, and also rely on the signal to give us the strength so that multiple users can be on our home WiFi at the same time. The thing is, as parents we find that controlling the times and usage for each of our kids can be a task all in its own, and when you have multiple devices using the internet the signal strength can be very frustrating. So when I was sent the Luma Surround WiFi system to review, I was excited to set it up and begin using it in my own home.

With the Luma, I get a system that not only gives us a stronger WiFi signal throughout my home but also a device that allows me to control the WiFi use, per person in my home, from my phone. The set up was simple, and after hooking up the first router to my internet router, I then went and synced the second two as well after plugging them in and downloading the Luma app to my phone. We also found that when we had any questions on using the Luma system that the customer support was very friendly and helpful, which is something I not only look for but share with others when it comes to customer service and tech support!

Once we had the app set up, and it told us our Luma was up and running, we were right away able to begin personalizing our system. We found that we could get a lot of benefits from our Luma, which allows us to pause the internet use per person as we see fit like for bedtimes, homework, or any time we see as a needed down time, which can really come in handy when we have a sitter at the house. From there, we were then able to personalize the content as well, where we can monitor the content our kids can and can not have access to, and can be set to up to age 16 on appropriate content ratings. Along with the content ratings I like that when the Luma finds our kids using questionable sites, that it sends my phone a message, and lets me choose whether or not to approve the site in question.

Then when it comes to setting time limits such as the bed times like when my kids are streaming movies from some of our favorite services on their televisions or devices, I like that we can set the bedtime features as needed. The bedtime feature from Luma gives me the chance to go on and set the down times for each person on my network, and I can set this to go off on certain days as well. So when my kids are off on a break or on the weekends, we can adjust the times that they can use the internet, which is great for when they are streaming various television apps in their rooms. Making the Luma Surround WiFi a must have system to put in any home, not only for making that WiFi signal stronger, but for also giving you the control over the internet use, right from your phone!

Product received, thank you to Luma as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Maryann D.
    March 14, 2017 / 12:51 pm

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