Support the Muddy Puddles Project with Your Own Welly Walk

When it comes to Peppa Pig and Muddy Puddles, the two seem to go together, and like many Peppa Pig fans, my preschooler not only enjoys watching that silly pig and her family, but he also likes to jump in muddy puddles. Luckily for my preschooler, being that we live in Washington, there seems to be an abundance of muddy puddles when we go on walks, and with that, he seeks them out to see just how much of a splash he can make. So when we were told about the Welly Walk where we can help to support the Muddy Puddles Project, we knew that it was a cause that was right up our alley.

What is a Welly Walk? It’s as simple as it sounds: an organized stroll outside – rain or shine! – in your favorite pair of wellies (rain boots). As Peppa Pig’s Mummy Pig wisely says, “If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.” And with the Muddy Puddles Project, you can jump in those muddy puddles in your wellies, for a good cause! To show your support, sign up to take a Welly Walk or even a fun Mini Mess Fest with your family and friends by going here, and snap pictures as you and your little ones enjoy jumping in those muddy puddles. Then once you have taken your pics, share them on social media ,tag Muddy Puddles Project, and use the hashtag: #PeppaMuddyPuddleChallenge

Visit the Muddy Puddles Project on Facebook and Instagram to share your photos!
Be sure to use the hashtag: #muddypuddlesday #peppawellywalk 

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