Your First Vacation Together: Essential Tips

You’re in a new relationship and you’re looking forward to your first
romantic trip. For many couples, their first trip turns into a real test. Even
if you like traveling, every trip is stressful. If it’s your first experience
of spending a vacation together, be ready for tons of surprises and revelations,
both pleasant and not very pleasant ones. Especially, if you haven’t moved in
yet but keep dating, stay over at each other’s places occasionally, and spend
weekends together.

According to psychologists, a trip together is an important milestone in
a couple’s relationship because stress and unusual situations unsettle people
revealing some previously concealed traits. If your relationship has a
potential to develop into a long-term one, your first trip will help you
understand each other better and realize whether you’re compatible. Dating experts
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embarking on a trip already during your dating stage.


Before going on a trip, discuss some crucial points. There are some
delicate matters that should be agreed beforehand.

Discuss your
. Unfortunately, the financial part of a trip is often a deterrent.
Estimate your budget and allocate some money for unforeseen expenses. It’s
important to discuss your preferences – probably, you have different views on
an ideal vacation. If you dream about a luxury hotel by the sea and your
partner likes to hitchhike and sleep in tents, you may have a sort of

Discuss how
you’ll manage your budget
. This is another important finance-related
question to discuss in advance. If you don’t live together and don’t have a
common budget, it’s better to make it clear who will pay for what during your
vacation. In some couples, a man finances the whole trip while some partners
decide to split the expenses. Find out what kind of couple you are.

potential stressful situations
. Tell your partner about the things
that usually worry you on the road. Here are some questions to ask each other
to avoid misunderstanding.

If you need to hurry up, does it encourage you or make
you nervous and oblivious?

Do you like to spend your vacation in a “lazy mode” or
you get quickly bored and want to do something active?

Do you like to visit museums and go on excursions?

You should pay special attention to the question, “What would we do
if..?” If an unpredictable situation occurs, it often causes a quarrel between
partners. That is why you should think about possible troubles and how you’re
going to react to them.

Things to Do
and Avoid on a Trip

In order to make your joint vacation facilitate your relationship, you
should follow simple rules.

Don’t be
Siamese twins
. For many couples, their first trip together turns
into a trial just because they have to be together 24/7. Even if you already
live under the same roof, you don’t spend so much time inseparably. On the one
hand, living like a couple during your trip is a great training for your
relationship. But on the other hand, the fact that you’re together on a trip
doesn’t oblige you to spend every single minute with your partner. If you want
to go to the beach and your partner wants to go on an excursion, don’t be
afraid to spend some time apart following your interests. It will give you some
time to start missing each other.

Make new
. A common mistake of many couples is focusing on each other without
noticing people around. Be open to others; make acquaintances among locals and
other tourists, either individually or together. You can meet other couples and
hang out together.

Use each
other’s strong points and ignore weaknesses
. There is something your
partner is bad at and it becomes especially apparent during your vacation.
Perhaps, your loved one doesn’t know a local language or drives awfully or
feels shy to talk to the staff or lacks all sense of direction. It’s OK. You’re
not an ideal person either. Just ignore all those minor flaws and focus on your
partner’s merits. Probably, your partner bargains with local merchants like a
pro and you can read maps easily. Use your talents and encourage each other. It
will make your couple a team and create pleasant memories from your first trip together.


  1. Jerry Marquardt
    April 27, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    I love these fine tips and pointers on enjoying that all important vacation. Once you are on the vacation, it all goes so fast, so this really helps my family.

  2. Maryann D.
    April 27, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    This is all good advice for the first vacation. I could have used this advice many years ago when I was dating my current husband.twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    June 20, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    So many rules. It just seems more complicated.

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