10 Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

With the month of May going full speed ahead, the next time you blink it will probably be June which can only mean one thing: Father’s Day. Fathers can be tough to find gifts for – plain gifts like ties, socks, and coffee mugs just don’t make the cut anymore. But, with a little help from your friends, what would be considered a “plain” gift, could be taken up a notch. Here’s a few ways you can show your dad how special he is to you:

1. A Watch Father Time gets a whole new look when you get your dad a new watch! It may not seem like the most personal gift, but it is one of the most useful gifts. Fathers aren’t generally materialistic and are notorious for saving money. A watch lasts a long time and it’s something he will use every day – a good buy for your (“his”) buck! If you want to make it more personal, get his name engraved on the backside of the watch.

2. A Beard Trimmer This really only applies to those of us who have dads with beards or moustaches (or maybe it could be a good gag gift if your dad “can’t” grow a beard!). That being said, your dad’s beard is probably timeless and unique, just like him, and it’s a great idea to give him the tools he needs to keep his beard or moustache in tip-top shape. A beard trimmer once again is something he can use very often, and should last him a long amount of time – a perfect gift for the beard or moustache in your life.

 3. A New Wallet Dad is probably always splurging on mom when it comes to wallets and purses, so now it’s time to return the favor. Let your creativity wander if you decide dad’s dingy, old wallet needs to be replaced this Father’s Day. When it comes to choosing a new wallet for dad, if you don’t know his specific taste, you should keep it simple, but classy — dark colored, leather bound wallets are always safe. You can even step it up a notch and make it really special by getting a custom engraved metal corner for your dad’s new wallet!

 4. A Barbequing Book Is your dad a grill master? (Or does he think he is?) Then he’s definitely going to love getting a book about barbequing. Dad’s love to cook on the grill – steak, chicken, hot dogs, you name it, he’ll probably grill it. Getting him a book about stepping up his grill game shows that you enjoy what he does for you! You’re encouraging him to continue on his path to becoming grand grill master by giving him the tools for grilling success!

5. A Hammock  Yes, you read that right. A hammock. Not only is this a cool, interesting, fun, and unique gift, but it’s comfortable for dad AND, bonus, he gets to use his hands and put it up himself. So, if you’ve got a couple trees that are begging to have a hammock in between them, go for it. What better way for your dad to be outside, enjoy nature, or watch the kids run around and play, than by lounging in his new hammock that you got him for Father’s Day.

6. Customized Cigars This is the newest trend in Father’s Day gifts this year. At www.customtobacco.com you can create and purchase your very own fully customized premium cigars, including a private label cigar band designed specifically for your dad. Taking the time to design a special band for your dad will make him feel unique and special. Whether Dad is a cigar aficionado or a novice who likes an occasional smoke, he’ll definitely love the personal touch!

7. The Ultimate Mini Tool Set We don’t mean a typical Swiss army knife here – we’re going beyond those baby tools. There are ultimate mini tool sets out there that come equipped with a hammer, a slotted screwdriver, a can opener, a saw, pliers, and so much more it’s too long to list. Basically, if your dad is a survivor man, this is the perfect gift for him.

8. Golf Mug There is a mug, a mug that blows all other mugs out of the water. The golf mug. This isn’t just any type of coffee mug, this is an extra special coffee mug that your dad can GOLF THROUGH. That’s right, there’s a tunnel built into the mug, and it comes with a tiny golf ball and putter so that while your dad is having his necessary morning coffee, he can golf at the same time. It’s a really nice way for your dad to get his day started, and maybe play around with during the day as well.

9. Personalized Stationery If your dad is the type of guy who is always sending letters, handing out business cards, or networking in some way shape or form, you need to get him this gift. Personalize some stationery for him – get him new letterheads, business cards, or even just really nice envelopes that are already addressed in a nice font. Your dad will love it, guaranteed. It’s practical, useful, and special.

10. New Sunglasses Your dad is hip, cool, and with the times, so let him show it by getting him some new shades! It’s been said time, and time, again, but dads love to be practical and a little bit frugal. So, if you’re spending some big bucks on something that will last him for years to come, he’s going to love it! Especially when he sees that he’s wearing the sunglasses that you picked out for him every single day. Go a little crazy and get his name engraved on a case for him to hold the glasses when he’s not using them, and he will be one happy dad.

Your dad is a special guy – he loves you, cares for you, and probably brags about you every day. Give back the love he shows you every day and show him how special he really is to you. Happy Father’s Day!


  1. Tamra Phelps
    May 18, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I have one of those fathers who is just next to impossible to buy for, lol. I think I've bought every golf related item out there! I like the hammock idea! That might be good.

  2. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    June 2, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    It's always good to see lists of Father's Day gift ideas! It's so hard to find something different every year.

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