Practical Ways of Protecting Your Baby against Burns

At our best essay writing
, we believe that carrying a pregnancy for nine months
is the most important life journey you can ever take. Besides, the reward of a
little, bouncing bundle of joy that comes out of it cannot compare to any other
achievement. However, after all the joy and excitement, there sets in the most
challenging part of parenthood—caring. As a mother, you are the one who will
spend the longest moments with your baby during this most critical, delicate,
and vulnerable stage of their life.

As such, you need to sharpen your
instinct for protection so that nothing hurts your little bundle of life and
joy. Some of the most dangerous forms of accidents you will need to protect
your baby from are burns. This post will give you a comprehensive coverage of
the steps you need to protect your baby against the various forms of
burns you need to
keep your child safe from. So, raise your maternal antenna high and engage a
protective gear as we move on with this post.

your baby against fire

To protect you baby against burns
that result from fire, you need to take the following measures:

     Put out all fires after use

Whether you
are using the fire inside or outside the house, you need to put out the fire as
soon as you are through with it. For example, if the family was warming itself
around a wood or coal fire, you should extinguish it immediately so that little
kids do not find their way back there and risk burning.

     Store all inflammable materials and objects away from fire

The second
precaution you need to take to keep your baby safe from fire burns is keeping
all materials that can easily burn from open flames. For instance, you have to
keep all clothing and paraffin away from open flames to avoid the possibility
of an explosion.

     Train the baby about fire as soon as they can understand

Another way
to keep your kids safe is putting the power in their hands as they grow. You
need to teach them how to respond when they see any fire and when their clothes
catch it. For example, training a child to shout “fire” when they see it will
be a good precaution as they grow.

     Keep away all fire makers away from children

Do you still
want your kids to remain safe from fire? Then you need to pay attention to
where you store things such as lighters and matchboxes. This way, you will deny
them the opportunity to try experimenting with them and light accidental fires.

Offer supervision

Since you
cannot completely keep your kids away from fire, you need to exercise
supervision when it is necessary for them to be around a fire. Make sure you
supervise kids when they are around burning candles, fires, and paraffin lamps.

Prevention against electrical fire burns

is another cause of burns that can harm your children. As a caring and
safety-minded mother, you need to take the following precautions to keep your
kids safe:

Instill training

You need to
train your kids about the dangers of electricity as soon as they can understand
it. You should let them know that it is risky to stay or play close to an
electrical power sub-station and other installations.

Cover all outlets

When you are
not using electrical outlets, you need to cover them with safety plugs. This
way, you will avoid the possibility of kids trying to poke sticks or wires into

     Beware how you run and load electric wires in the house

Another way
of ensuring your baby is safe from electrical fire burns is paying special
attention to how electric wires run through the house. Don’t run electric wires
under the carpet and you should avoid overloading to reduce the risk of fire.

     Keep all electrical cords and tools away from kids

To keep your
baby safe from the possibilities of electrical fires, you should store away all
electrical plugs and cords from the reach of all children.

Protection against scalding and fluid-related burns

Besides taking
care of fire-related burns, you should also take care of burns that result from
liquids. This section of our post will discuss the measures you need to take to
keep your child safe in this area.

     Don’t store hot liquids and foods on the edges of the table

If you have
a small kid who is crawling or learning how to walk, be careful where to place
food on the table. If you put foods near the edges, you will be exposing your
child to burns should they reach out their hands and pull the vessels that
contain the hot foods or liquids. To keep your baby safe, store all hot liquids
and foods in the center of the table so that the baby does not reach them.

     Take care of hot water in the bathroom

To keep your
kids safe from burns, you need to follow the right order of mixing water in the
bathroom. You need to pour cold water before you mix it with hot one. This way,
it will be safer for your child in case they step into the bathtub in your

     Don’t pass a hot liquid over your baby’s head

No matter
who you are, never ever try passing a hot liquid over your baby’s head, never!

     Test hot water before bathing your baby

safety measure to protect your baby is testing their bathing water with your
elbow before dipping them in it.

     Don’t mix cooking with baby holding

cooking, don’t try to experiment your multitasking skills using your baby. To
keep your little one safe, don’t try holding them while cooking.

     Don’t take hot drinks while holding the baby

Even if you are starving, do not try
to take a hot beverage while holding the baby. Just rest assured that should
they accidentally knock the container, you would have an accident. Keep your
baby safe.

Instill tap training

Hot taps are another leading cause
of water burns among children. You need to train your kids the difference
between hot and cold-water taps as soon as they can understand.

the baby’s food before feeding it

Another way of keeping your baby
safe is tasting the baby’s food every time you remove it from the oven. This
way, you will double check to ensure that you heated it evenly.

about fire-resistant clothing and bedding

To prevent potential burn in the
face of a fire, you need to equip your baby with clothes and bedding that are
designed to resist fire. For instance, you need to buy mattresses, fabrics, and
pajamas that are fire-resistance. Make sure you check the labels of such
fabrics to see if they meet the established standards.

Watch over
these electrical appliances

Lastly, you should watch over all electrical appliances that
heat up fast or can stay hot after you have finished using them, for instance,
iron boxes and hairdryers.

Now you are well-equipped with all vital information to keep
your child safe. Good luck with safety and security in all your daily routines!


  1. Tamra Phelps
    May 23, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    It's terrifying to think how easily a child can be injured. I hope every young & new parent reads this!

  2. Charlotte Howard
    May 24, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    I'm so happy I came across your post! I have clients who are becoming new parents soon and there is a constant cloud of anxiety that looms over them when it comes to ways to protect their baby, but I think your tips will help ease their worries. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  3. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    May 29, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    These are all very practical and important tips.

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