TOP 10 Tricks for Travelers

How can we
distinguish an experienced traveler from a beginner? The first one knows where
and how to save money without compromising the quality of the trip, knows
clever tricks that allow him or her to manage time and prepare for each trip
for getting vivid impressions.

We have
collected 10 effective tricks for you that greatly facilitate the life of any
traveler. Great thanks to our friends from
Amur Dating for
providing us with this crucial information!

1.     Go on vacation for 10 days

Short trips
for three days are wonderful, a seven-day vacation is popular, but 10 is a
magic number for a vacation. You will have time to safely reach the resting
place and then you will not complain that you have too short vacation.

2.     Let the journey will be planned by someone else

It is great
to plan a trip by yourself: to book hotels, to buy air tickets and to choose
routes. But if you don’t have time and enthusiasm for this, then buy a tour.
All you need to do is to pack your clothes in a bag and go to the station or to
the airport.

3.     Set rules traveling with friends

with friends is fun, but sometimes this trip turns into a series of quarrels.
The reasons are the same for everyone: someone from the company wakes everyone
up to run to the beach, someone wants to visit all the excursions, and for
someone the best place is the pool bar. Remember that you don’t have to be
together all the time. Let everyone rest as they want and don’t force others to
do the same.

4.     Leave your contact details in the wallet

may happen. Even a very attentive person can forget a handbag in a cafe, and
leave a purse on a counter of a store, etc. Therefore, always keep a sticker
with a phone number or a business card with your contact information in English
in the purse. It will be easier for a person who will find your property to
return it.

5.     Make copies of all documents

photocopies of all documents – a passport, a visa, a driver’s license, an
insurance policy, and print an electronic ticket and a hotel reservation (it
can be asked for at border control in many countries).
These copies should be kept
separately from the originals, and the originals should be placed in a safe of
a hotel.

6.     Look for a cafe where local people eat

Choose cafes
and restaurants not in the tourist places but where local residents eat. Only
in this way you can try real national cuisine and spend much less money on it.

7.     Visit the sights for free

You can get
acquainted for free with many sights. You only need to take care of it in
advance. Classical music fans can also freely visit many interesting concerts –
very often free performances are held in churches and temples and you can learn
about it on the tourist portals of cities.

8.     Avoid long lines in the airport restrooms

This advice
may seem banal but the first restroom of the terminal is always the most
crowded. Use other toilets to avoid queues and save your valuable time.

9.     Breakfast with you

This is
another famous trick that is constantly forgotten by tourists. If you pay for
breakfast in the hotel and you go on an excursion or for an independent walk
before opening the restaurant, then you can bring your breakfast with you. It
will be your lunch box. This lunch box may include fruit, sandwiches, pastries,
yogurt, and a bottle of water or juice.

 How not to get lost in a strange city

This trick
is for bold travelers who don’t speak foreign languages. Before taking a walk
in a strange city, take a business card at the reception. There should be
written the name and the address of the hotel. If you get lost, then just catch
a taxi and show a driver a business card. If there is no taxi on the street,
then show a business card to some passerby. Perhaps someone will show you by
gestures the approximate direction.

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  1. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    June 11, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    These are all great tips. I particularly like #6. We always try to find a restaurant frequented by locals.

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