Essay on Education is the Best Investment

Successful investors know that besides the investment in the papers or gold you most certainly have to invest in yourself. To keep up with the speed our society is dictating us today, we have to be most effective in what we do. However, to be able to do this we need some deep knowledge as well as proper skills to use new tools and technology.

We live in the period of the constantly growing informational traffic. The amount of data contained in a single issue of The New York Times is more than an average New Yorker received throughout his whole life in the 18th century. And now we have the Internet with virtually a limitless ocean of information.

However, the information by itself is only a possibility and the capability to process and handle this

data is what the education gives us.


Each one of us has certain resources. They include health, time, skills, money, etc. How to use them is a personal matter. However, it seems to me that the best investment of our resources is education.

First of all, the education is a condition that needs to be met for the successful adaptation to our environment. The level of our education directly affects our status in the society. With today’s competition level your dream about a good job can only be fulfilled with a solid education behind your back. And this is only quite natural for the employer who does not know you personally to look at your education in the first place. The companies offering some high-paid jobs have the opportunity to choose the most educated workers on the market.

Secondly, personal development and self-actualization are also impossible without at least a basic education. Whatever field you plan to prosper in, it is not possible to succeed without a proper education. Even if you are an artist and the academic science is not in the list of your interests, without knowing the latest trends in the modern art, your creations are risking to be derivative – something the world has already seen before.

That is why it is very important for the parents to explain their children the role of the education as early as possible because early childhood is a period when children develop their motivational skills and educational ability.

Nevertheless, if the basic education is a good start, the continuous education in the adult age is one of the main premises of success. Only recently it was enough to acquire some basic skills and learn how to use it. However, today’s overspeeding progress makes a good employee to constantly look for new skills. The most prestigious diploma means nothing if your ability for self-education is not a developed one.

To have a successful career or most fully unlock your creative potential is only possible if you are ready to keep learning continuously throughout your life. Education is the best investment. If you put enough efforts, time, and money in the development of your mind, talent, or your professional skills, you will certainly achieve what you desire. However, the modern education is the one demanding an unquenchable reinforcement.

The world outside is quickly changing: the information field is growing, some new technologies are emerging, and the old ways to deal problems are replaced with new, more effective ones. Should you stop walking on your journey of education, you will definitely be lost in the limitless sea of information. This educational process is Ariadne’s thread leading you through the labyrinth of the unknown. To achieve something great in your life you have to be ready to sacrifice your money, time, and efforts in order to reach new horizons giving you some new, greater opportunities. Only in such a way you can be fit and flexible enough to be able to learn quickly and adapt to the growing demands as well as to process the information in the pace with the modern world.

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