Seasoned Elite Tuna from Safe Catch

With the kids home for the summer and those menus being put together that the entire family can enjoy, I find that I like to add those simple dishes for meals like lunch and for snacks. For me, that means meals that incorporate sandwiches and those grab and go snacks, and when thinking of the food items to pick up for my family to make these, I like to seek out the tasty and healthy options. So when we were sent a variety of the flavors from the selection of Seasoned Elite Tuna from Safe Catch, I was excited to give them a try and also share them with my family.

We found that with the different flavors, we could put together those quick tuna sandwiches for lunches that have amazing flavors added to them. We also found that with the variety, that aside to adding the Seasoned Elite Tuna varieties to our sandwiches, that they are also great for snacking by adding them to crackers as well!

Then when it comes to the reason why Safe Catch is a good choice to go with for you and your family, I found that with the Safe Catch tuna’s, we can get a tuna that has the lowest amount of mercury compared to other brands. “Safe Catch makes the first 100% Mercury tested tuna that offers 100% of the daily value of all 10 essential amino acids, along with B vitamins, selenium and potassium. Safe Catch developed the first technology solution to screen every single fish for purity, which no other tuna brand does, and raw packs its tuna, meaning it’s not packed in water or oil and no additives are added. Because Safe Catch’s purity levels are stricter than the Consumer Report’s ‘Low Mercury” limit, it is the only tuna fish that is backed by the American Pregnancy Association and is safe enough for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to consume.” Which makes choosing the tuna including the Seasoned Elite Tuna varieties from Safe Catch, a great choice to go with as you prepare those lunches and snacks for you and your family this summer!

Product received, thank you to Safe Catch as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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