Challenger Sports – British Soccer Camps Summer Fun

When it comes to finding those activities for the kids to partake in over the summer months, as parents we find that there can be a lot of options out there. So as a parent, I take into consideration the activities that my kids enjoy taking part in, and when we learned about the British Soccer Camps that were offered by Challenger Sports, my daughter was excited to add it to her summer.

After signing up for the camp in our area we were then sent the supplies we needed to get my daughter started, so that when she arrived on that first day, she was prepared to have fun. This included a uniform, camp shirt and soccer ball that we ordered from the Challenger Sports site. Then when the day came to start off my daughter’s week of camp, we arrived early to get her checked in and also turn in any paperwork that was needed.

My daughter enjoyed her days at the British Soccer Camp, where she was teamed up with other soccer players her age and lead by a Soccer professional. Each day at camp, my daughter learned more and more on improving her technique and style so that when she heads to school this next fall, she can take those skills she learned over the summer and apply them as she plays soccer for her school’s team. Making the British Soccer Camps offered from Challenger Sports, a great choice to sign up for when looking for summer camps that your soccer fans and players will enjoy!

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