Power Through Your Days with ZonePerfect Revitalize Nutrition Bars

When it comes to our busy days and even those summer vacations, we find that even though there might be a lot to do and or see, we might have issues trying to find the energy to keep on going. This is something that I not only notice during the school year when we have those busy schedules, but also something that can be a issue when we are traveling or even trying to keep up with the kids during their summer break. So for me, when it comes to being able to stay energized, I like to seek out products that can help me with that, like with the ZonePerfect Revitalize Nutrition Bars that we were sent for review.

See with the ZonePerfect Revitalize Nutrition Bars, we can get a delicious bar that is great for carrying in my purse or diaper bag when we are on the go that not only helps to satisfy any snack cravings I might have, but that also contains a combination of ingredients that help to energize me as well. These energizing ingredients include:

·         Green tea extract, with caffeine levels equivalent to ½ a cup of coffee

·         Choline, a micronutrient that supports brain health

·         11 grams of protein, to keep you full

·         Antioxidants vitamins C & E

Then when it comes to the flavors I can enjoy, I like that there is a variety to choose from which include Salted Caramel Latte, Strawberry Shortcake, and Hot Chocolate Marshmallow. Making the choice to add the ZonePerfect Revitalize Nutrition Bars to your bag, one that is both satisfying when it comes to midday hunger as well as energizing to help you power through your day!

Product received, thank you to Abbott as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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