Summer Fun During Lacey Days

This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to the summer and those adventures that we seek out with our families, I find that along with the vacations that we also like to head out on road trips as well. This allows us to drive to take on the adventures that can be closer to home, and also allows us to explore more along the way. So when my family and I head out for those summer road trips, we like to head out to some of the areas in our state that offer family fun to be had, like when we go to check out Lacey Washington and check out the family fun during the Lacey Days going on right now!

See this weekend as we head out on one of our road trip adventures, we can make it a weekend stop in Lacey Washington as we join along in the kids fishing this afternoon, attend the Ice Cream Social this evening, and spend our Saturday eating barbecue, listening to music, watching the buffalo wing eating contest, and exploring all of the amazing sites like waterfalls and more! In fact, we can plan out our weekend road trip by heading to the Olympia and Beyond site, where we can get information on events in the area and more. Making this weekends’ road trip, one that is sure to help make our weekend one to remember as we enjoy our summer in our beautiful state of Washington, and one that is decidedly different!

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