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With the hot days of summer here and the days awaiting to be explored, we find that when we head out for a day down by the water that just like the kids, our puppy Nakoma likes to go as well. She loves to play in the water then get nice and dirty digging in the sand along with my kids, and like with the kids we like to ensure that she is both happy and healthy. Just like with the kids and keeping them hydrated on these hot summer days, we always make sure that our fur babies have plenty of water both inside the house and outside for when they are playing. We also like to make sure that when it comes to our fur babies diets, that they have the best food that is high in protein so that Nakoma can give the kids a run for their money in the energy department. So like many pet parents, I feel good knowing that Nakoma is getting a diet high in protein when we feed her the food from Petcurean.

See when it comes to both the kids and our fur baby Nakoma, we know that in order for them to grow up happy and healthy that they need diets that are suited for them. And with the varieties from Petcurean, I like knowing that we are feeding Nakoma a brand that has exactly what she needs as she grows and that Petcurean is a brand that she can grow up on! In fact, when it comes to knowing the importance of having protein in our dogs diets, Petcurean knows and they create their foods to have the right amounts of protein in varieties that my fur babies love! You can learn more about the proteins found in the foods from Petcurean below in the information shared with me and my readers from the amazing people at Petcurean!

Protein consists of long chains of amino acids that can be found in both meat and plant sources. It works to ensure proper growth, development, body tissue repair, and a healthy immune system. While there are 10 amino acids that cats and dogs must get from their food, a cat’s diet must also include taurine as their body is unable to naturally produce it. To help you decide what protein source is best for your pet, here’s a quick guide from Petcurean.

Plant-based Proteins:

  • Peas: A good source of beta-carotene, niacin, Vitamin B6, folate, phosphorus, and copper. It’s also packed with dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, thiamin and manganese.

  • Organic flaxseed and sunflower oil: Both contain omega-6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a radiant coat. Flaxseed also boasts omega-3 fatty acids which are important for normal metabolism and optimal health.

  • Lentils and Chickpeas: Both are low glycemic carbohydrates that also provide a good source of protein, iron, phosphorus and copper.


  • Chicken Meal: A concentrated source of protein containing meat, bones, and cartilage that is dried and preserved naturally. It should never include feathers, heads, feet, or entrails.

  • Chicken Fat: Although human diets try to avoid fats, animal fat is good for your pet. Chicken fat is a great source of omega-6 which is considered the most important essential fatty acid for dogs and cats.

  • Eggshell Meal: A natural source of calcium to promote bone strength. Eggshell membrane is an added plus!

Pro-Tip: As obligate carnivores, cats must get their protein from animal tissue. For a protein-packed meal and a meaty flavor they’ll love, try out Now Fresh Grain Free.


  • Cod: A good source of high quality protein, phosphorous, niacin, and Vitamin B-12.

  • Dehydrated Cod: A concentrated source of protein that uses the entire raw material. The benefit of dehydrated product is the removal of water, but not the fat.

  • Krill: As the “superfood of the sea,” krill is growing in popularity as a protein source. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin, krill is also virtually free of pollutants and heavy metals.

Pro-Tip: Want to try a fish-based kibble? GATHER Wild Ocean features line-caught Alaskan cod and sustainably harvested krill to create a delicious and healthy meal for your dog.

Whole Meats:

  • Deboned Venison, Pork, and Lamb: All are great sources of protein that come from the animal’s clean and de-boned flesh.

  • Novelty Proteins: This classification consists of proteins your pet may not have eaten before such as venison, salmon, or duck. Novelty proteins can sometimes help alleviate the symptoms of dietary sensitivities.

Pro-Tip: If your cat or dog has more challenging sensitivities, Petcurean’s GO! offers a wide variety of options that were specifically created for picky eaters, those who need a grain free or higher protein diet, and for those requiring a recipe with unique proteins or a limited number of ingredients.  

As you can see, there are different varieties of sources for your pet’s daily dose of protein. If you would like help in navigating your pet’s diet, Petcurean offers a useful Petfood finder that will tailor the perfect diet to your fluffy companion, no matter their needs.

So as you enjoy your summer with your fur babies, be sure to add Petcurean to the mix and enjoy that summer play that is fueled by the proteins found in the line up of Petcurean products!

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