Traveling with Your Baby: Road Trip VS Flight

To travel by air or road? That’s the question most parents ask when they have an infant because travelling by air is certainly faster but some folks love to experience and enjoy the countryside as they drive through various towns. However, if you are traveling by road with an infant then this gives rise to a few concerns.

However, the ultimate decision to either go by air or by road will depend on how long the journey is and of course your budget. With either options, you will need to be amply prepared but to help make that decision a lot easier, here are the pros and cons of travelling by air and by road.



The major advantage of traveling by flight is that you get to your destination quicker and easier. Flying is a low-stress method of traveling because you aren’t looking at maps, steering a car or getting stuck in traffic.


  • Limited and uncomfortable seating space.

  • High costs of seats and luggage charges.

  • Discomfort to baby’s ears when altitude changes.

  • Restriction in what you can pack.

Travelling By Road


  • You have more control over your luggage, your driving schedule and your comfort.

  • You can pack all and everything your family would need for the trip.

  • It is easier to make stop-overs for meals or rest periods.

  • Road trips are usually more affordable..

  • Keeping to your baby’s feeding schedule is easier and their comfort is better handled.

  • You are treated to beautiful scenery and great venues, which can be documented in family photos.


  • Road trips can take much longer for you to reach your destination.

  • Driving can be more stressful than flying.

  • The driving schedule is based on your baby’s time, therefore, unplanned stops might be made to calm your little angel if he/she is distressed during the trip.

  • You can get lost if you’re heading to a new location- adding to the drive time.

  • For long trips, comfort can be an issue.

Making A Choice

Whichever means of transportation you choose for your trip, always keep your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. Your baby’s temperament will come into play during the trip so ensure you choose the method least likely to stress you and your baby out. No matter your choice, remember your baby needs lots of body contact and attention to avoid feeling lonely, which could cause tantrums. If you decide to fly, check out these great tips from

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  1. Maryann D.
    July 31, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    It is not easy traveling with baby. Pro's and con's are helpful and charts and checklists too.twinkle at optonline dot net

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