Make Daily Life Easier this Back to School Season with Hive

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Hive through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

As we get back into those busy schedules that we keep during the school year, we find that aside from the schedules that there are a lot of other details we manage during our day to day lives. This includes the making of school lunches for the kids, coming up with the menu for the week, and as we come and go from home while we run errands and take the kids to practice and games, ensuring that our homes are safe and comfortable when we are both at home and away from the home. And like many, in order to manage the home from the outlets and lighting to the thermostat and even the security while we are either home or away from home, I found myself seeking a product that can allow me to do all of this remotely. So when I was sent selection of products from Hive to try in my own home, I was very excited to set it up and begin using them right away.

See with the selection of products from Hive, when I use all of the products available, I can control and monitor the lights, plugged in items, temperature and even track any activity of those coming in and out of my home all from my phone. I can do this by downloading the Hive App, and syncing all of my Hive products with my app where I can not only get the instructions and information on how to use the Hub and other products properly, but where I can also manage the Hive devices remotely, even when away from home! This allows me to cool down or warm up our home when we are not there, so when we do get home, the temperature is just right and very inviting! I can also turn off the lights or check to make sure that all of the lights in my home are off when away from home or say when I go to bed and can not remember if I turned off the lights in the living room or not.

Along with being able to control the thermostat and lights in my home remotely, I like that I can set timers on the outlets, and even turn off and on appliances, which is a huge plus for say when we rush off after getting ready and I find that I can not remember whether or not I remembered to turn off my hair straightener or not. Then for tracking activity in my home, I like that even the Hive Sensors can be monitored remotely, giving me notifications when a door or window is opened and even giving me details of events going on in the home with the times logged in the app for me.

Making the choice to add the selection of Hive products to your home when it comes to the safety and well being of everyone in your home, a choice that can help to make daily life easier this back to school season! Learn more about Hive and how it can work for your home by going here:

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