Making Cool Hand Made Jewelry

Almost every girl in her twelves can boast about bracelet or earrings
she did on her own. Then it was just a fun activity. Now, making handmade
jewelry became a profit hobby of girls and women. Not only it is the way to decorate
personal outfit, but also an excellent
method of earning money. Here is some
advice for all those who are in love with handmade!

The Benefits of hand work

Of course, if you know how to do beautiful
things, then you do not need to talk about the advantages of handmade. Jewelry can be worn at work and parties; quality items can be presented
to relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
But not always and not all manual work is truly worthy of admiration. Still, it is worth transforming diy projects into a reality!

Any hobby is useful for our inner child (as
psychologists say). It enables creative self-realization, develops taste and
imagination. Also, showing children how to make jewelry themselves, you can
have a great time – any family will benefit. Without a doubt, the process of creativity helps to get rid of stress, which
is habitual for a city dweller. Therefore – we relax with a profit!

Three principles

To make the jewelry made with the help of your own hands attractive and stylish, you
have to create them according to the three principles: extravagance,
exclusivity, selfishness.


Each handmade product has to be unique. Authenticity is achieved by
non-traditional selection of materials, either with a bold combination of
colors, or an original idea. Brightness and thrill will go hand-made in favor.


The models will look outstanding if they are
created according to their original ideas. The beginners will benefit
from ideas from printed sources and the Internet.
All handmade lovers started with the copying finished samples. Adding creative
adjustments to the finished models is what made every item recognizable. As
soon as you want to come up with something new – it means that you have grown
to the rank of Master.


Here this trait has a
positive meaning. The “ego” is
as “I.” So any jewelry
created by your own hands
have to match your taste, your preferences, and your style. Why should your wedding jewelry
be like everyone
’s else? They
can be made unique, like you!

What about materials

Whether you are making a wristband or
bracelet, the choice of materials is unlimited. Your pendants will look both
gorgeous with either precious stones or polymer clay grummet. The imagination is what lead the handmade process.

You can use absolutely everything as a
material. The shiny look can be created
even without silver or gold necklaces. You can achieve brightness using
colorful beads, glimmering sequins, semi-precious gemstones, feathers and fur,
and even buttons. Shells, twigs of trees, wine corks will maintain boho outfit

Turn your hobby into an extra job

A handmade hobby
can be easily turned into a source of
income. Your primary step to do that is to find the clients. It can be your friends, their acquaintances, and relatives. The Internet offers many possibilities for handmade
creators. You can sell your jewelry on a Craigslist or make an ad on Facebook. Another
social network – Instagram can become a portfolio
of your works. Take professional photos of pieces of jewelry you create and add
hashtags to capture more audience.

Even if
you are a student, you will always make a profit
from your hobby. Dedicate more time to finding your audience and get someone write university essay for you
to free your time to making jewelry.

Be aware
that you won’t become a millionaire from the very beginning. Your hobby needs time and your efforts to transform into a
serious job. Try to be unique and don’t
forget to experiment. People love to see something new and extraordinary on
their necks and hands. Don’t follow trends is the best advice here. You can
always copy someone else’s idea, but your original design can make you
recognizable among other handmade fans and bring profit. 

Melissa Cartew is a
skilled freelance writer and another jewelry fan. Although her real passion is writing, Melissa is very
imaginative and loves doing DIYs and creating beautiful decorations for her
home. The friend of her is successfully selling handmade jewelry on the Internet and Melissa is helping
her in realization the items. Sharing creative ideas with others is what
Melissa are really into. 

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  1. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    December 4, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    I've always toyed with the idea of making jewelry. I bought some of the tools because I made cell phone charms for my daughter's cheer team. It seems not that far a stretch to make my own. Very simple jewelry though!

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