6 Simple Tips for Lonely Moms

Many single moms feel stressful and lonely raising their child. In this
article we will give some useful tips for single moms. If you want to read more
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Of course, it’s not so easy to be a single parent, but you should manage your
life and look forward for better. Most of the lonely moms feel stressful about
two main things: money and making decisions. Women can feel guilty they didn’t
make a family they wanted to have, and they also are worried about their future
is undefined. Needless to say it’s normal to feel anxious about these things,
but you shouldn’t be involved in the problems all time. Here are some good tips
each single mom can read and apply to feel better:

  1. Take care of
    yourself: eat healthy food, make exercising, rest and sleep enough. Your
    child needs a happy and healthy mom, but not a stressful and nervous woman
    that is getting angry every minute because she is not able to do all
    things she planned for today. Relax and focus on your child, send time
    together and play. You can take a nap while your baby is sleeping, and
    there is nothing bad in that you will clean the kitchen later.
  2. Manage your
    time correctly: don’t plan too much for the day, but make sure you have
    planned your every hour. You will be able to finish all planned things in
    time and go to bed early. This simple idea will also help to discipline
    your child.
  3. If you are a
    working single mom, it means you don’t have a lot of time to cook on
    weekdays. Prepare meals on weekend and freeze them, it will be easy to
    warm up the food in the microwave.
  4. You may start
    to think that if you are a single mom, you should do everything alone. But
    it’s not true because you can’t do it all yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask
    for help your family and close friends; they will be glad to babysit your
    child while you are having time on your own making something you enjoy.
    You deserve for a break and you shouldn’t be a full-time mom.
  5. Don’t try to
    focus on things you can’t control: for example, if the child’s dad says he
    wants to see a baby, but he doesn’t show up, it’s not your problem. You
    shouldn’t blame yourself because it’s his issues and you wouldn’t be able
    to force him to visit a child. Focus on other things you keep under
  6. Be honest and
    open with a child: you are not alone going through this problem, but your
    little son/ daughter is doing this too. Try to talk to your child
    honestly, explain things simple and answer his or her questions. Your
    child will discover there are a lot of children who live in full families,
    but there are some children who have only a mom or a dad.

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  1. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    November 13, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    I think these are helpful strategies to keep stress at a minimum.

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