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When it comes to our homes and families, we find that not all families are the same. From the families with kids to the families with pets and even the ones with pets and kids like mine, families can differ from one to the other. With that said, when we think of our families and the members in our family, if you have fur babies like we do, then they are part of the equation. So when we consider adding to the family through pet adoption, I like to not only consult the kids on the decision but also think about our other fur babies and think about how they would do with a new sibling.

Along with weighing out the pros and cons of adding to the family through pet adoption, I also like to have the information on hand. Information on why pet adoption is the way to go and also information that I can find when I turn to Petcurean which includes articles like, 8 Reasons why adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do.

With this article that can be found on the Petcurean site, I like how it discusses how dogs are good for both your health and your life since they encourage physical activity, can help to lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and so much more! I also like that when it goes into the reasons why you should consider pet adoption when adding a new fur baby to the family, that each of the reasons are big ones to add to the pros list. The reasons from the article are listed below:

Reason #1

You will be saving a life. And providing a safe, secure loving environment to a dog who really needs it

Reason #2

When you adopt a fully grown dog, there will be no surprises when it comes to his size, appearance, or coat type as there can be with a puppy

Reason #3

Shelters and rescue groups often include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee

Reason #4

Very often rescue or re-homed dogs are already housetrained and have some basic behavioural training as well

Reason #5

You are helping to relieve pet over-population and the proliferation of puppy mills by not purchasing a puppy from a pet store or unscrupulous backyard breeder. In addition you are making space for another homeless pet at the shelter or rescue organization

Reason #6

Rescued dogs, or dogs from a shelter, usually have extensive evaluations done on them before going up for adoption, so you will know ahead of time if the dog you want is, for instance, good with kids, other dogs or cats

Reason #7

You will have a huge choice of dogs to choose from so you can make sure whichever one you take home is ‘the one’

Reason #8

Shelters and rescues usually have all kinds of resources to help you once you have adopted your new family member

Which in all, not only gives you more reasons on why adopting is a great way to go when adding a fur baby to your family, but also a great pet food brand that encourages families to adopt, which in hand benefits so many lives! And to help with celebrating Adopt A Shelter Pet Month, the wonderful people from Petcurean would like to give one of our amazing readers a free 25lb bag (winner’s choice of which Petcurean brand/recipe) + a bag of Spike treats, a $70- $100 value!!



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