Holiday Guide: Play & Go Storage Bags and Playmat

In my home, playtime seems to be all of the time. It starts from the time my kids wake up and continues throughout the day until they go to bed, and with that we find that along the way each day that there are plenty of messes to clean up. The thing is, when it is raining out, which it does a lot of here in the PNW, the kids like to take their play from room to room, leaving pieces here and there and leaving me to follow the trail. And as a parent, I like to seek out solutions to those issues, such as the trails of toys that can accumulate throughout the day as the kids play when it comes to cleaning up. So when we were introduced to the Play & Go Storage Bags and Playmats, I was curious to check them out and also see how they could help the kids when it comes to cleaning up after themselves while playing.

For this review, we decided to check out the Play & Go along with the Mini Play & Go. After taking them out of the boxes, I right away saw that these would be perfect for having in any home with kids! I say this because with the Play & Go, the kids get a fun play mat that is portable, and when it comes to taking that play mat to another room or putting it away, they do not need to take all of the toys off of it. Instead, they can simply grab the pull strings on each side, tighten them then take their toys along with the play mat, to continue the play in another area or put it away for another day!

For me, this really makes the playtime in my house a lot easier to manage, I mean, for one, the kids are able to easily clean up their toys, and for two, I am not having to follow behind and pick up any toys that they would otherwise drop or leave behind. Then when it comes using these nifty storage solutions that double as a play mat, I like that the play surface on the Play & Go measures at a very impressive 55″. We also found that with the Roadmap Play & Go, that my kids can enjoy hours of fun driving their little cars o the roads, building and more! Which in all, makes the Play & Go Storage Bags and Playmats a great choice to add to any home with kids and also a great gift to give this coming holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Play & Go as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Heather G
    October 14, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    This looks like so much fun for the kids and great for travel.heather

  2. Julie Wood
    October 16, 2017 / 12:34 pm

    These are really cool storage mats and I need to get these for the kids. They can store their toys and then play on the mat with them. Great idea!

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