Holiday Guide: Top Toys from Hasbro

When we start to think of the holidays and everything that we have to get into place, we find that there can be a lot to be done. And when it comes to the holiday shopping, we find that there can be a lot of that to be done as well. For me, when it comes to my kids and the holiday shopping, I find that having both boys and girls of various ages can make the task one that can really leave me scratching my head on what I will be getting the kids. This scenario is one that many can relate to as well. So for me, in order to make the question of what to go with a little easier to answer, I go with the brands I know, like Hasbro, which offers toys for both boys and girls of different ages, and that also offers some of the top must have toys on the market like the selection we were sent to add to this years holiday guide!

To get started, I found the Baby Alive toys to be a great choice to go with for younger kids, and with the line of boy dolls that include the Baby Alive Super Snacks, you can get baby dolls for both little boys and girls to play with! With the Baby Alive Super Snackin’ Luke Doll, you get a very cute doll that lines up with the other dolls that can be found in the collection. Luke comes with a outfit, doll food that is reusable, a special spoon for feeding Luke with, diapers, dish and a snack shaper to use for making Luke’s food with! The shaper allows the kids to make different fun snacks to feed baby Luke, and to help with feeding they can feed him from his bowl and use the fun airplane spoon! After Luke is done eating, kids can then change Luke’s diaper, because like a real baby, Luke goes potty in his diaper.

For the kids who are older and enjoy collecting those adorable pets from the Littlest Pet Shop line up, we found the LPS Cruise Ship to be the perfect gift to give this holiday season! This play set comes with a very cute turtle for a captain who is ready to take on the high seas! Along with the turtle you also get 2 passengers who are excited to go on a cruise ship adventure and with the cruise ship activities your kids can pretend that their characters are dancing, dining, climbing the climbing wall, surfing, ziplining or relaxing and eating! There is a lot that the pets can partake in, and with those who collect the adorable pets from the Littlest Pet Shop, they find that they can add up to 30 of the characters to join in on the cruise ship fun.

Then when it comes to finding fun gifts to get your older kids, even the hard to shop for teens, or for gifts to add to family game night, I found the Hearing Things Game to be perfect! This game brings that whisper challenge home with a fun game that the whole family can enjoy playing together. To play, one player puts on the headphones that are noise canceling, making it so the player with the headphones on can not hear what other players are saying. The player whose turn it is to say a phrase, picks one from the stack of cards and says the phrase to the player with the headphones on. The player with the headphones on must then try to guess what the other player is saying to them by reading their lips. When they guess the phrase correctly, they collect the cards, and player with the most cards at the end wins. The phrases are fun and silly ones, making the game even more fun for all players as they take turns both reading phrases and reading lips! Which in all, makes this game along with the Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship and the Baby Alive Super Snackin’ Luke Doll, both top toys for this coming holiday season as well as must haves for those on your holiday shopping list.

Product received, thank you to Hasbro as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    October 7, 2017 / 1:40 am

    I remember having something similar to Baby Alive doll. These are so popular with younger girls!

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