Holiday Guide: Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling

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The holidays are coming and with that we find that now is the time to find those gifts to give and also check off any of those holiday travel lists as well. For me, I have learned that when it comes to the holiday gifts and the holiday travel that include the kids, there are some things that allow you to check items off of both lists at once. These include the gifts like toys that the kids enjoy getting over the holidays and that also make for a great item to keep them busy with while traveling this holiday season along with those apps that the kids adore! And like many kids who enjoy playing on those various apps and getting apps as gifts this holiday season, I find that seeking out the educational apps is the way to go. So when we heard that one of my kids’ favorite apps, Wonster Words has new updates just in time for holidays, I was excited to check out the new updates and also add the Wonster Words app to our holiday guide as a great gift to give the kids this holiday season.

See with Wonster Words, we get a phonics game that gives your kids a tool that teaches them how to sound out and spell through fun games. The words are ones that introduce basic word families and the 44 most common phonemes. The kids can also learn their ABC’s and letter sounds. I also like that with the new updates that the kids can continue to learn through the app by enjoying the brand new short stories that have been added along with the 4 new story packs that offer over 40 new words for the kids to learn and original animations! These go along with the over 150 words, 12 word families and 9 original stories that the kids can explore with the Wonster friends.

Then when it comes to the games that the kids enjoy along with the stories and words I like that they have added 5 new letter based mini games as well! With the animated letters, the kids can interact by  sounding out the phonics, gliding vowels, and consonant blends as they are being played. Giving us a educational app that is both fun for the kids to watch and interact with. Which in all makes for a great gift to give this coming holiday season and add to your holiday travel line up as well!

Wonster Words is a great app for kids Ages: 3~6

 You can find Wonster Words on the following platforms:


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  1. Janet W.
    December 4, 2017 / 11:16 am

    My grandsons would have a ton of fun playing this app! I love how it's educational!

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