Top Free Parental Controls you Haven’t Been Using but Should

While internet provides us with countless benefits related to different areas of our lives, it can be a pretty bad place for your children to be. If you are allowing them to go online without any restrictions or parental monitoring, you might be doing one of the biggest mistakes of your life and it is strongly recommended to modify the situation as early as possible. There are a number of ways that might be used to monitor and regulate your kids’ online activity and make sure they don’t come around something dangerous or harmful. Luckily we live in a technologically evolved world where there are apps for everything. A few details on some of the best parental control software applications like , are given below for your convenience.


Quostodio is one of the best free parental control software that might be used for parental monitoring. It may be referred to as a complete suite offering different types of parental controls to help you make your kids’ online experience safe. There are various features offered by this product. A few of them are listed below to shed some light on its utility and application.

·         High end parental control suite

·         Elegant content filtering capabilities

·         Allows you to set screen time limits on your kids’ devices

·         Cross platform software

·         Available for different platforms including Windows, Kindle, Nook, iOS, android and Mac

·         One of the most comprehensive free parental control tools available in the market

·         Per app controls, social media monitoring and SMS monitoring available in paid versions

Open DNS Family Shield

Open DNS Family Shield is a remarkable free parental control software that allows you to do a whole lot of stuff you can’t do on your own. The parental control tool deployed in the software provides automatic blockage for domains flagged under different categories like tasteless, pornography sexuality, proxy, anonymizer, etc. Unlike the majority of the parental control applications out there, this one enables you to run it on mobile devices, computers and even your home router as well. That way you may control the entire traffic flow through your network and screen any unwanted addresses and domains very conveniently. A few of the other features offered by this product are listed below.

·         Ready to use block lists

·         May be deployed at a network router

·         Allows you to monitor and control your entire network traffic


Kidlogger is yet another amazing parental control software that is available free of cost. It allows you to enjoy a high degree of control over your kids’ online activities. It tells you what websites they have been visiting and allows you to monitor the key strokes made by your kids. In addition to this, the software also maintains a record on the programs that are being used by your kids. Other features provided by Kidlogger are listed below.

·         Comprehensive activity logging

·         Allows you to log keystrokes and apps used

·         Monitors chats on Skype

·         Monitors screenshots taken by your kids

·         Allows you to adjust the level of monitoring (in case you want to give your kid some privacy)

·         Paid version lets you monitor whatsapp chats and skype calls as well

Spyrix Free Keylogger

Unlike the conventional key loggers available in the market, the Spyrix free key logger does a lot more than just keeping track of the keystrokes made by your kids. It enables you to be on top of everything that your kids are coming across on the internet. A few of the most prominent features provided by the free version of Spyrix are listed below.

·         Remote parental monitoring

·         Saves monitored data for 7 days

·         Monitors printers and clipboard as well

·         Premium version provided content blocking facility as well


Zoodles is a fine web browser that is designed especially to teenagers and young kids. If you have a younger kid who is spending some time on the internet, it is strongly recommended to get this browser as it makes use of a certain filtering algorithm to block anything that may be categorized as inappropriate for children. Some of its other features are listed below.

·         Cross platform browser

·         Displays age appropriate content only

·         Available for Windows, Mac and iOS users


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    This is a great list. You can never be too careful especially when it comes to your kids.

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    Thanks for providing a list of these services. There are so many more options available now than just 5 years ago.

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    I can't believe how much parents have to do to keep their kids safe. And to limit the time they spend online. slehan at juno dot com

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    I haven't heard of any of these before, so thanks for sharing! You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your kids on the internet.

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    Thank you for the information. It's great to have a little control or information to make sure the kids are being safe.

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