Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Aren’t Just For Babies

Have you
ever looked at products marketed solely to infants and toddlers and wished
adult versions were available? Recently, several manufacturers have begun
offering just such items: footed pajamas for grown-ups, skin care lines as
gentle as baby-safe formulations, even an incredibly over-sized stroller.

some of these are meant as whimsical gag-gifts, but a few are offering valuable
options to adults who are looking for safer, more natural, yet effective
options for self-care. In rare and special cases, no alteration needs to be
made to adapt an infant-marketed product for adult use. Baltic amber jewelry
fits this description and can be purchased at reasonable cost and the benefits
enjoyed by any age.

principle on which amber necklaces work, in fact, was originally used to treat
arthritis inflammation and body aches in adults. Much as we use Epsom salts in
a soothing bath now, Old World Europeans found that crushed amber, when added
to a heated bath, reduced inflammation and brought pain relief.

Baltic amber
contains a component called “succinic acid.” This acid has anti-inflammatory
(reduces swelling), analgesic (reduces pain), anti-bacterial and antioxidant
properties. When the amber is warmed, the acid is released from it. In a bath,
the warm water releases the succinic acid from the crushed amber, enabling the
bather to absorb the soothing ingredient through the skin into the bloodstream,
and experience the relieving effects.

Over time,
it was found that crushing the amber was not necessary to release the benefits;
merely wearing it against the skin proved effective. When worn as jewelry,
Baltic amber is meant to be close against the skin, not over clothing, so that
body heat activates the succinic acid and it is readily absorbed.

This method
of usage greatly increases the utility of Baltic amber for on-the-go adults who
need sustained relief from symptoms throughout their day. Rather than needing
to prepare a bath, sit in it for a half-hour or more, then emerge only to have
the effects wear off within a few hours, busy men and women can shower, dress,
fasten their amber necklace around their neck or twist it into a fashionable
bracelet, and enjoy ongoing relief as they go about their daily tasks.

The easy
wearability of Baltic amber beaded jewelry and the consistent-release nature of
its effects make it an attractive alternative for those looking to reduce
dependence on anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications (and avoid their
possible side-effects). Conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, swollen
glands, sore throat, and immune deficiencies have reportedly been helped by the
use of Baltic amber. 

pharmaceuticals recognize succinic acid’s efficacy, using it in formulations
for arthritis and anti-seizure medications. This is no snake-oil remedy,
although caution should be used in selecting your Baltic amber jewelry. As with
any product, there are variations in quality and integrity of dealers.

choosing your jewelry, remember that fit will be important. Look for a piece
that will lay comfortably underneath your clothing, against your neck and
chest, or will be of sufficient length to wrap around your wrist or ankle.
Construction is also important: high-quality string and individually knotted
beads make for superior durability.

Shopping for
amber necklaces marketed to infants makes it easier to find both of these
features; teething necklaces are purchased by parents who are highly concerned
with their child’s safety, so these are manufactured with quality construction
and durability in mind. A great place to find genuine Baltic Amber is at the site.

The most
important detail is the quality of the Baltic amber itself. Be absolutely sure
that your jewelry is made of certified Baltic Amber. Ask where the amber is
sourced (most Baltic amber is sourced in Lithuania) and whether the company is
willing to provide a certificate of authenticity.

Amber is
simply a fossilized tree resin; only amber found in the Baltic region contains
sufficiently high concentrations (8%) of succinic acid. Many knock-offs exist,
using amber harvested from various regions around the world. While these ambers
may make beautiful fashion jewelry, they will not have the properties of Baltic
amber jewelry, and will disappoint those hoping for relief.

a grown-up world with pressures and stresses, with aches and pains and the very
real need for continuous relief to keep pressing through our days, it is a
little piece of jewelry marketed to the smallest among us that may provide the
greatest benefit. 


  1. Janet W.
    January 6, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    Sounds like this has a ton of great benefits for everyone!

  2. tannawings
    January 14, 2018 / 4:52 am

    I am seriously checking this out. I broke my hand in several places a few years ago and as I have aged it is hurting. I am going to look for a bracelet.ellen beck

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