Designing The Perfect Surprise Gift

Technology Expands Your Options

If you want to surprise someone today, technology gives you more options than ever before. For example, you may look into crowdfund options to help you get enough money to really surprise someone. This can be especially effective if someone has a need that can’t be catered to through traditional gift budgets.

Sites like Plumfund offer free online crowdfunding. While it may be a little bit too public for you to surprise someone with a crowdsourced sum, you may be able to raise money for something ostensibly tangential, and then either give that money to the person you’ve got in mind, or use it to buy something otherwise unaffordable.

Pet Portraits

Or how about pets? Do you have a friend who really loves his or her dog or cat? If there someone in your family who has a special four-footed furry fellow in their lives, they may really appreciate a memorial gift.

Many don’t realize it, but dog portrait painters of a professional quality can be easily sourced online. You just need to send the desired photo and the artist will look at it and by default paint it exactly as depicted to create a piece of art.

Notice the “by default” phrase. Additionally, you can have such portrait artists create idealized portraits idiosyncratic to your preferences. Switch your friend’s head and the dog’s, or send a secondary picture of a psychedelic background for the portrait artist to incorporate into the painting. Find the right painters and you can do quite a bit.

Candy Delights

Technology today additionally makes it easier than ever to source one’s favorite confections, treats, and candy delights. You can go online, find the kind of candy you like, and order it either singly or in bulk as suits your needs. This can really enhance not just birthday parties, but special events, anniversaries, and anything where you have people getting together in large groups.

If you’ve never had a candy buffet, it’s worth checking out at least one time—imagine the effect of multiple containers of color coordinated candy at a birthday party, or special fundraiser. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, there will be nothing quite as exciting than being in front of a candy buffet.

Technology keeps developing, and there are some really fun things to buy for people today. A final gift idea might be a drone. They were called Quadro-copters until recently, but the technology has expanded so much that they are very quickly becoming a favorite gift across the country.

You can get someone a very cheap drone, or one of the top-of-the-line models. They are becoming more tough and more fun on an almost daily basis. Additionally, you can expect battery life to increase as these become even more popular, allowing for longer flight times and more intense footage opportunities. Some have a range of five miles or more!

Even More Possibilities

Then there’s the Internet of Things (IoT). Do you have someone really technologically passionate in your life? Perhaps install an LED lighting display in the bedroom which can be controlled via smartphone. Such an installation can be put together in an afternoon’s time, if you know what you’re doing, and can serve to really surprise someone special in your life.

Find the gift idea that best fits your preferences, and those of the individual who you’ll be giving to. The options are more expensive today than perhaps they’ve ever been. If you want to surprise someone, you can really do it.

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