Home Security on a Budget

There is sometimes the perception that doing something on a budget means
cutting corners and compromising on safety and security. If you are a frequent
visitor to these pages, you will know that this certainly does not have to be
the case, but to prove the point, here, we have picked out some money-smart
tips that are specifically aimed at making your home a safer place for you,
your loved ones and your belongings.

Alarm the
potential intruders

There is an apocryphal tale of two men being chased by a tiger. One
quickly puts on his running shoes, and when his companion points out that they
won’t help him outrun a tiger, he replies: “No, but they’ll help me outrun

The point is that burglars look for the softest target, and the law of
the jungle means that if your home is, or appears to be, a more difficult
proposition, they will go elsewhere. A comprehensive alarm system can cost
thousands, but if you take a look here, you will see
how inexpensively you can purchase some well-worded warning signs that will be
enough to convince undesirables to walk on by.

Shine a light

Criminals like to work under cover of darkness. Illuminating your entire
yard like a football field can be expensive, and is unlikely to win you any
friends in the neighborhood, but the idea is to have a lighting system that
serves to both illuminate and let you know when someone approaches. A security
with motion sensor that is set to come on during the hours of darkness
when someone steps near ticks all the boxes. It’s inexpensive, it helps you and
family members to find your keys when you arrive after dark and it acts as a
deterrent to potential housebreakers.

Secure the

Of course, the best idea is to prevent intruders from getting anywhere
near your house, by having the boundaries of the property secured. Wooden fence
panels are inexpensive, but are quite easy to scale. Consider adding a trellis along the top –
it looks attractive, costs next to nothing and will break extremely noisily if
someone tries to climb over it, immediately alerting you and most of the

Put the keys

We all know that it’s important to lock the windows and doors of our
homes, particularly when we are out. But you would be absolutely amazed how
many people leave the keys in easy reach, particularly for the windows, where
they are often sitting in full view on the sill. Here’s a tip that won’t cost
you a cent – put them all away safely in a drawer, and you are removing a
source of temptation.

Keep those eyes

Speaking of temptation, if you have a letter box in your front door, it
provides a beautiful window on your home and belongings to prying eyes. An
internal flap or draught excluder adds to the security, and will also save you
some money on your heating bills in the colder months.

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  1. Amy Drazen
    January 22, 2018 / 11:21 pm

    Thank you for the tips. I am super cautious, as I have had my home broken into before.

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