How Should Newlyweds Choose Their First Apartment


The first decision that most newlyweds have to make is where they will live. For some couples this step is easy because they might already be living together or one of them already has an apartment they both can occupy. However, if you and your spouse have never lived together, looking for an apartment can be overwhelming.

If you are starting on a budget, you should consider renting an apartment for the first few years to determine which part of the city is best. Besides, you need a place to stay while you figure out what you want in a home. Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing your first apartment as a couple:

Choose Your Location

It might seem a silly point on the surface but it is everything but that. Have you agreed on the location where you’ll embark on this new chapter in your lives? Do you want to soak up the sun and therefore looking at apartments for rent Ewa Beach | Kapilina beach homes perhaps? Or would you rather go east and look at apartments for rent, financial district NYC boosts about?  

Figure Out Your Budget

The best way to figure out how much to put towards rent is by combining your incomes and calculating 25 percent of it – ideally, your apartment should not cost more than 25% of your monthly income. Therefore, sit down and go over your finances to avoid confusion about how much you can afford.

Knowing your budget will save you time by narrowing down the places you can afford to consider. You might have to sell that pricey champagne gown for your wedding to afford an apartment.

Look At The Pet Policy

If you have pets or want to get some, you need to look at the pet policy in your potential apartments. Some apartments allow certain types of pets while others have a strict no-pet policy. You need to know what you are signing up for before you choose a particular place.

Find Out The Lease Type

Do you need to sign a minimum lease or do you have to go from month to month? If you are happy to spend one year in the apartment you choose, go ahead and sign the lease. However, if your circumstances require you to be transient, you need to look at the lease carefully. Find out if you can come to an agreement with the property owner.

Find Out What Is Included


Before you start jumping up and down because you found the perfect place online, check whether the appliances and utilities are included in the rent. This way, you will not be stuck with excess bills at the end of the month. Moreover, you do not want to move into an apartment with no dishwasher or laundry machine.

Buy Vintage

Do you want to have the perfect house but do not have the money to purchase expensive things? You can spend your free time perusing through thrift store items. You will find vintage things to add tan eclectic style to your home at a cheap price. If your partner is handy, think about fixing up things and refurbishing.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you party animals or homebodies? Keeping in mind you favorite past time activities matters in the decision making process.

Moving for the first time as newlyweds can be a rewarding, bonding time experience if communicated adequately. Always voice your opinion to avoid future misunderstandings.

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