Snuggle Up this Valentines Day with Personalized Blankets from Gifts For You Now

It is hard to believe that it has been a little over a month since we celebrated the holidays, and that in just a few weeks, we will celebrating Valentines Day. But it is true, and like many, I find that with Valentines Day and the cold weather we have, that it is the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a loved one as we watch movies on the couch. So when we were sent a Embroidered Sherpa Blanket from the line of personalilzed gifts at Gifts For You Now, I found that it was not only a nice warm blanket to use when we go to watch movies, but also the perfect gift to give this Valentines Day as well.

With the Embroidered Sherpa Blankets that we can get from Gifts For You Now, I like that we can choose from a variety of colors for both the blanket itself along with the thread color for the personalization. This allows me to purchase warm blankets for everyone in my house, where when we go to celebrate Valentines Day with the family, we can all snuggle up with the warm blankets that are personalized for each person. I also like that with these blankets, that they are very soft and warm, allowing us to keep warm, even on these cold winter days, while we binge watch our favorite shows or movies.

Along with the personalization, color options and warmth, I can appreciate that these blankets are fairly large in size, at 50×60. Which allows us to not only use the blankets when snuggling up on the couch while we watch movies together this Valentines Day, but where we can also use these blankets on our beds, to offer even more warmth at night. I also like that when it is needed, when we go to wash our blankets, that we can simply stick them in the washing machine, allowing the cleaning process to be very simple. Making the choice to add the Embroidered Sherpa Blankets to your Valentines Day, a choice that you and your loved ones are sure to appreciate as you snuggle up and stay warm!

Product received, thank you to Gifts For Your Now as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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