Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience

All the frequent travelers understand the importance of knowing how to get the most out of the hotel stay for yourself and how to enjoy the high life at affordable prices.

If you’re a frequent hotel visitor, it’s most likely that you are already on favorable terms at that particular hotel.

But what are the little things that you need to pay attention to when booking a hotel for the first time? And what you can do to make your stay at that hotel better experience by remedying the most common travel issues?

Look Before You Book

Yeah, we all know that there are thousands of web portals services serving as intermediaries between you and the hotels. But, instead of booking your stay directly from one of the site listings, it’s advisable that you check the hotel’s site directly. Just maybe you’ll be able to seal a cheaper deal by avoiding listing fees and booking directly from company’s site.

One other thing – make sure to get in touch with the hotel before you even go there (and after you book that hotel). Why, I hear you ask..

For the simple reason that different hotels have rooms in different locations, you might just be able to ask for the room that’s most convenient for you. For example, if you don’t like constant noise (and who does?), you might want to ask for the room at the highest floor in the hotel (if there is some available).

Also, pay attention that large hotels are not going through the process of renovating an entire building at the same time. Instead, they often renovate different blocks of the hotel in certain time frames. Keeping that in mind, you can directly ask for the recently refurbished and renovated room.

All those things are free of charge and will definitely add value to your stay at that hotel.


What to Carry on Yourself?

We all know how holidays season can cost a lot, so why not try to save a dollar or two by slightly changing habits when staying in a hotel?

And even if you booked your stay on an all-inclusive basis, there are still some things that you’ll need to pay for if you use them. For instance, chocolate bars and snacks in the mini-bar are extra. So why not make sure to carry them with you, just in case you run low on sugar late night.

Next one has nothing to do with saving money, but it can save you from potentially suffering an unwanted disease. Carrying a package of antibacterial wipes and personally making sure that room remote or doorknobs are disinfected upon your arrival is a big one. Many people come through a hotel and are getting in contact with these, so you want to be sure that it is safe to touch everything around.

In the End

Moving to a more personal ground with the hotel staff is always a good idea if you want your stay at the hotel to be a dream. Giving a little tip to the room service or a luggage-boy will go a long way in the terms of them being available 24/7 for you.

You might just need your sheets changed in the middle of the night – you never know!

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  1. Sandra
    February 25, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    Great ideas! Thank you for sharing it with us! I have to go on a trip soon for And I'll try to implement it in the real life. Thanks!

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