8 Timeless Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys

rite of confirmation in the Catholic Church is the final step in the “sacraments of Christian initiation.” There are three sacraments
that constitute the initiate’s spiritual formation and maturity to continue on
the path of faith. The initial ceremony is baptism, followed by first
Communion, and finally confirmation. 

Confirmation takes place during adolescence when a person has developed enough
to identify the difference between right and wrong. Where the name was chosen
for the child during baptism, he has completed the cycle of childhood by
choosing his own name in

He acknowledges his responsibility in his own destiny, and he’s admitted as a
fully confirmed member into the Catholic Church.

If you are invited to a young man’s confirmation and are wondering what the
appropriate gift is for the occasion, in this article you will find some excellent
ideas. This is a religious ceremony, and while money or a gift card is always
appreciated, some thought might be given to gifts that signify the importance
of the sacrament. Perhaps, a small monetary gift could be combined with a more
symbolic one. Without any further ado, here are the best confirmation gift ideas for boys:

Patron Saint Medallion

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Since those seeking confirmation choose a patron saint as a model for their own
lives, a medal signifying that saint is appropriate. By wearing the medal, the
patron saint is always with the confirmed to guide him.

Patron Saint Statue

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A small statue, usually with included prayer card, is another remembrance that
a young man can always keep close at hand to remind him that he is not alone on
his journey. Whether he goes off to college, or immediately into the work force
after school, he can place his patron saint statue somewhere within daily view.


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A symbol of Catholic prayer and reflection, a rosary offers the young man being
confirmed a means of focus and guidance at his fingertips. Rosaries aren’t
necessary to pray, but the beads of a rosary are meditative. It can be carried
compactly in its case in a pocket without creating bulk. 

Holy Bible or Daily Prayer Book

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Now that the young man has confirmed his adulthood, it doesn’t mean that his
spiritual life will be without challenges. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Scripture offers words of wisdom on a sometimes-uncertain road. Likewise, a
daily prayer book provides a daily meditation on which to focus.


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Distinct from a cross, the crucifix depicts Jesus still on the cross. It is
symbolic of the sacrifices He made for mankind’s salvation. A crucifix is an
appropriate gift for a boy who’s just been confirmed. It is a symbol of his
faith and the sacrifices he may encounter during his life. 

Keepsake Box

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A keepsake box provides the young man with a place to keep his religious mementos.
It can be as modest or ornate as you choose, but it’s a helpful addition to the
top of a dresser.

Personalized Items

relevant item that’s personalized the patron saint of the young man’s is
appropriate and especially appreciated. It could also include both names. A box
that’s personalized with the name(s) and date of confirmation, for instance,
adds a thoughtful touch.

Picture Frame

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A picture frame that especially commemorates the sacrament of confirmation,
along with a picture of the young man and his sponsor provides a steady
reminder of his special day. It’s also an assurance that he doesn’t walk alone
in his path.

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