Are You Looking Emotional Support Animal for Yourself?

With mental problems on the rise, experts are doctors are
now suggesting a wide assortment of treatment procedures. These plans that come
from doctors generally involve the use of emotional support animals for helping
the patients suffering from mental problems. An ESA or mental support animal
can help a mental patient in better managing and cope with the different
symptoms of his or her mental illness. While emotional support animals are
gaining huge popularity, the procedure of getting one is generally new for a
lot of people.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA or emotional support animal does not require any kind
of special skills and training. These animals are meant to serve the purpose of
providing comfort to the sufferers of mental illnesses. Their work is to make
their owners feel better. However, this does not mean that your pet at home can
serve as an ESA. There is a definite procedure that you need to follow when it
comes to getting an emotional support animal for yourself. ESAs are therapy
animals and there are certain eligibility criteria that individuals should meet
in getting such animals. CertaPet serves as one of the best sources for getting
emotional support animals.

How to Get an Emotional Support
Animal for Yourself?

It is already a very well-known fact that emotional support
animals have the ability to reduce the effects of depression, anxiety and other
emotional and mental illnesses. There are special federal laws committed to
offering the owners of these animals with all the comforts that they require.
CertaPet will definitely help in easing the
challenging task of finding the right emotional support animal.

Adopting an emotional support animal for yourself is a very
big decision. It is generally a 10+ year commitment for the animal owners.
Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself when looking out for the perfect
emotional support animal for yourself. You must contemplate on a number of
points in order to understand that you are actually eligible for the support
and the assistance of an emotional support animal.

Eligibility Requirements

The list of individuals eligible for an emotional support
animal can be quite extensive depending on the mental health issues prescribed.
ESA laws cover the following mental and emotional problems:

       Social disorders

       Depression and stress


       Age-associated cognitive decline

       Panic attacks


       Separation anxiety


       PTSD and GAD

Emotional issues

Emotional support animals can offer support for different
mental issues, however, it is up to you to discover your options intricately
when making the choice of an ESA.

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