Baby and Toddler Basics: Expert Answers to Parents' Top 150 Questions

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When it comes to parenting, whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, we find that as parents, there are always going to be questions that might come up. Being a mother to 3 children, I learned after having my second child, that no baby or toddler is the same, and things that I thought I knew and learned from my first or even second child, did not completely prepare me for the third. And like many parents, I seek out the tips and advice from the experts, which can help to answer the questions or concerns I might have. So when we were sent the new book, Baby and Toddler Basics: Expert Answers to Parents’ Top 150 Questions by Tanya Altmann MD FAAP, I was curious to begin reading and learn from the expert information provided on those top 150 questions parents find themselves asking.

After reading over the various topics that this book offers, I found it to not only be a good resource, but honestly a book that is a must have for any parent who is expecting, who has a new baby or a toddler in the home, regardless of experience. I say this because the information offered covers so many avenues of questions, that for me, even after a couple of babies, I still found myself asking. Giving parents the answers they seek when it comes to their little ones from birth to age 3, from Dr. Tanya who is a renowned practicing pediatrician who founded Calabasas Pediatrics and an assistant clinical professor at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.

These questions are ones such as on breastfeeding, wondering if your newborn is getting enough and how can you tell how much they are eating. Along with questions that parents of toddlers might ask, especially when you have one who is a picky eater, like “Should I worry about my toddler’s picky eating habits? What can I do? And going along with that, “Is my toddler getting the vitamins and nutrients they need?” Which for me, have all been questions I have asked myself over the years, and with my different babies. Making the new book, Baby and Toddler Basics: Expert Answers to Parent’s Top 150 Questions by Tanya Altmann MD FAAP, a book that is not only a must have to pick up if you are expecting or have a baby or toddler in the home, but also a great gift to give to new or expecting parents as a baby shower gift!

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  1. jjmon2012
    March 9, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    This is something that my niece needs. She has a 18 month old little girl and I think she is knocking on the door of the terrible 2's. Now this little girl is so good when she comes to spend the days with me. When I change a diaper she just lays there, and her mother talks about ever diaper change is a fight. I think it is mind games 🙂

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