Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for iPhone

Do you have a gamer in your house? Do you have a gamer who is obsessed with Minecraft? Well if you are like me then the answer is yes to both, and in my house, we not only have one kid obsessed but two of our kids who love playing the game of Minecraft. And like many who look for say those Easter gifts to give the Minecraft gamers in my life, I like to seek out the products that they are sure to enjoy, especially when it comes to the devices they can play Minecraft on. So when we were sent the new, Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for iPhone to review, I knew that my kids would be very excited to check it out and also add this as a must have for any Minecraft fan out there!

With the Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for the iPhone, my kids can take that PC gaming level that they enjoy on the go and play the game with their iPhones! Giving the kids a console quality gaming experience that they can enjoy anywhere when we are not at home.

For my kids, this is huge, I mean huge. This allows that Minecraft gaming they enjoy playing on their PC’s to be taken on those upcoming Spring and Summer road trips we will be taking, take the game with when we are running errands and do so at a PC level of gaming. The device gives them console precision, with highly responsive buttons and joysticks with a design that is comfortable for use and ergonomic. Oh and the best part, not only can we get the Gamevice for each specific iPhone model (iPhone 6 and up), but when the kids are not playing Minecraft, they can safely store away their Gamevice bundle in the case is comes with. Allowing them to keep it stored away safely when not in use or take it easily with them.

Then when it comes to what all is included in this amazing bundle that every Minecraft fan is going to want, I can appreciate that it not only comes with the Gamevice controller and carrying case, but that it also comes with the iOS code. Giving us everything we need to make that dream of taking Minecraft to the mobile level that is more than just a game app download but a PC level experience, a reality for Minecraft fans everywhere!

Product received, thank you to Gamevice as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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