Track Your Child's Education with ONEder

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As a parent, I find that when it comes to my kids and school, I want to ensure that they are getting the help they need so they can succeed. The thing is, when it comes to teachers and the classrooms, I am not always there to see or hear about every assignment or issue that might come up. I also know that when it comes to my kid’s and their futures, we have goals that I set with my kids, and find that those goals might not be so easy to track when it comes to the classroom. So when I learned about ONEder and how they can help to bring a bridge to that gap that parents and teachers might find themselves facing when it comes to the education in the classroom, I was curious to learn more and also share.

With ONEder, they understand that every parent has a different vision for their child’s future. And they offer a way for educators to share with parents, the progress their children are making. Creating a way where educators can see real-time progress tied to a student’s own, unique goals, making it easy to see how students are tracking, and to share data and important insights with parents and administrators.

Get ONEder into your child’s classroom, today!


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  2. test4actual CISSP
    February 26, 2018 / 7:59 am

    It comes to the education in the classroom, I was curious to learn more and also share.

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