Walt Disney Signature Collection Lady and the Tramp

Family movie night is a night where we all gather around to share some of our favorite titles we come across, both the new and old ones. It is a night that everyone in my house looks forward to, as we relax, unwind and enjoy the movies. And like in many homes with fur babies, when we go to relax on the couches as we watch those movies, we find that our fur babies enjoy the time as well, snuggling up right with us. So when we were sent the new release of that Disney Classic, Lady and the Tramp, Signature Collection Mutli-Screen Edition, we were excited to make it both a family movie night for the kids and our fur babies!

See when we were given the chance to make it a family movie night with the movie, Lady and the Tramp, we were also given some Pawprint Desk Frames to use with our fur babies. Allowing us to not just enjoy the movie with them as they snuggle up beside us, but capture the memory with a custom pawprint using the kit included, and a photo of our fur babies as well! This is not only a great addition to our movie night since the movie is one based on a love story between two pups, but also because the movie was inspired by Walt Disney’s own fur baby that he had gifted to his wife Lily one Christmas.

And with the Walt Disney Signature Collection, Lady and the Tramp, which will be available to bring home on February 27th, we get that classic, beloved movie to share and watch over and over again. The Signature Collection comes with three versions of the classic tale, which include the original theatrical edition, sing-along mode, and Inside Walt’s Story Meetings. Along with the various versions we can enjoy we also get new signature bonus features, the songs we love from the movie, classic bonus features, deleted scenes, and even the trailers which include the original trailer! Making the choice to add the new, Walt Disney Signature Collection, Lady and the Tramp to your Disney movie collection, a must for any Disney and or fur baby fan!

Product received, thank you to Disney Home Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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