4 Tips : Choosing the Perfect Lighting for your Home

You’ve possibly heard the phrase good lighting is
everything in your home’s design more times than you can recall that it now
sounds like a cliché. Nevertheless, it may seem like a cliché, but it is true.
Good lighting blends in with your home décor creating an inviting ambiance to
everyone who visits your home and at the same time makes it cozy such that you
can’t wait to get back in the evening. In respect to that, whether you are a
homeowner looking to renovate your house or just someone who is planning their
interior décor, you should prioritize your lighting fixtures as they play an
essential role in its end appearance. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with
this on your own because below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect
lighting for your home. Additionally, purchase lighting fixtures from a
well-known and experienced company such designer lamps by lamp twist as they have been here for quite a long time now and boast a
reputation of gifting the market with top notch products.

Anyway, check out the tips below as they may help
you stand out from the rest of your friends who are also homeowners.

Lighting tip for your formal and dining areas

Areas such as your living room, the entryway, and
the dining areas are often the most visible parts of a house. Additionally, the living room is where most
visitors stay, and the dining room is possibly the next stop, and as such, you
should try and make them as inviting as possible. Nothing achieves that better
than a chandelier. Most of them come in sophisticated designs and large sizes
which make it impossible for one not to be drawn to it. Additionally, it is
quite bright and accentuates any artwork that you may have or any other décor
better hence creating a warm and inviting setting. It also has a similar effect
on the other formal areas such as the study or the chill lounge thus making
your home more relaxing.

For high ceilings, modern décor

If you have high ceilings in any part of your home, then recessed lights offer one of the best options. They often help
shift the focus of your visitors to the architectural design of your ceiling or
any modern décor that you may have by accentuating them. As they are often high
up in the ceiling, Most of them also have dimmers which makes it possible for
you to control their brightness. They achieve that while at the same time
adding a touch of sophistication to your home hence living a mark in the mind
of whoever visits you for the first time.

The stairways and halls

The last thing you want is you or even worse your
visitors to trip and fall just because they missed a step. Therefore you should
ensure that the stairways and hallway are brightly lit to eliminate such
occurrences. Furthermore, your entryway is the first place that greets your visitors
so create an inviting atmosphere through brightly lit fixtures which will
assure even a first time visitor that you are home. The best option when it
comes to these two areas is installing wall sconces as they ensure that you are
seeing where you are going. Other forms of lighting for the stair and hallway
include halogens which are also eco-friendly and stylish.


While choosing the lighting for your exterior,
always keep in mind that it is not only for decorative purposes but also for
safety and security. With that in mind, you should not go for dim lights as
they are inviting to intruders and other unwanted parties while brightly lit
fixtures can be disturbing to your neighbors. So for your exteriors opt for
ambient lights to ensure that intruders are kept off, and neighbors are
comfortable. The best option is installing floodlights which can detect motion
at the exterior corners of your home. That will help you achieve both
decorative and safety purposes
without trying
too hard.

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