Adorable Accessories for Baby from Baby Wisp

When it comes to fashion and baby, well as parents, we find that we can not help ourselves sometimes. The clothing and accessories we tend to come across leave us awing over them, knowing that they are a must have when it comes to dressing baby. This case is one that rings true when it comes to Heather and baby Zoey, and with Zoey turning one, Heather has found that she is constantly seeking those adorable outfits and accessories that she can dress little Zoey in! So when we were sent some accessories from the line up found at Baby Wisp, Heather was excited to check them out and add them to Zoey’s wardrobe as well. You can read Heather’s review on the Top Knot Headband and Infinity Scarf she was sent below!

First off, let me just say Oh My Goodness!!! Cuteness overload!!! I didn’t know Zoey needed this headband until we received it, and now I’m pretty sure we need a hundred more or at least one in every color/style! These Top Knot Headbands remind me of the women in the 50’s with the bandanas tied up in their hair. We were sent the Top Knot Laguna Aqua and Coral Patterned Baby Headband, and with the colors on this accessory, I found that it will go with so many of little Zoey’s outfits. She has a big head, off the charts since she was born, and it fits perfectly, giving me a new accessory to swoon over when it comes to dressing Zoey!

Along with the adorable headband from Baby Wisp, we also received an infinity scarf, which is worthy of another high praise of cuteness for this!!! I put it on her every opportunity I get, especially in this cold weather so I know she is a bit warmer. She tends to drool a lot and what’s nice is, I can just pop the scarf in wash and it’s as good as new and ready to go again! We get lots of compliments on both of these when we are out an about and I’m always sure to let them know where they can pick them up! These along with other selections from Baby Wisp will be on my list for birthdays, Christmas, and shower gifts, making them a must have when it comes to finding those accessories when dressing a baby girl!

Product received, thank you to Baby Wisp as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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