Benefits Of Water Features

Water fountain, wall fountains, and a backyard pond all have
one thing in common; they add a pleasant spectacle to your home. The water
dripping down the rocks and steps produce pleasant sounds that add a sense of
tranquility and peacefulness to your home. Many people find relaxing beside
these water features quite helpful and especially after a hard day at work.
Adding a water feature to your home, or even a water fountain brings about more
benefits than just the beautifying effect. Some of these benefits include:

1.         Water
features purify the air we breathe

Having a water feature in your house improves humidity levels in the same, and particularly
in dry and cold weather. The mist releases negative ions into the air, which
also plays a considerable role in purifying the air around by attracting toxic
gases and dust from the same. This reduces the risk of allergies due to dust
mites significantly.

2.         They bring
about a calm and sereneness in the house

The sound of flowing water, and water drips for that matter
have a calming effect on our minds. Simply watching the water flow on the rocks
or steps, and listening to the sounds produced as the water splashes on stones
brings about natural beauty and sereneness. 
You can transform your backyard into an oasis of life and fresh air for
relaxation. This mainly comes in handy with the many pollutants in the world

3.         Great for
sound therapy

According to research, our bodies are affected differently
when exposed to various sound frequencies. The sound of flowing and dripping
water induces relaxation to the mind, hence quite useful in sound therapy.  These sounds bring about inspiration, calm,
and healing. You can therefore use these water features for sound therapy and
especially when you need something to calm your mind and nerves.

4.         Can be used
for art therapy

Water features can be incorporated into home, office, and
community space designs as well. Humans have been known to love and appreciate art. Designers today have taken to
using water features for art therapy as a way to enhance spiritual connection
and stimulate creativity. Ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and streams of water
can be used to add a visual element to your home décor, garden, and even the
backyard garden.

5.         Water
features induce the flow of positive energy

According to Luxe Water Walls water features were an
essential element in the science of Feng Shui and ancient Chinese art. The
flowing water and water waves balance out harsh shapes and textures to create
harmony and peace. Many spiritualists believed that water features not only
promote good health but also bring prosperity in life. This is because they
induce the flow of positive energy either in the workplace or at home. Adding a
bird bath feature at the gate or entrance of your house can invite positive
energy to your home as well.

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