Climate Comfort Control for Your Bed with BedJet

When it comes to sleep and comfort, many of us might find that not everyone is on the same page, especially when it comes to the temperatures. Like many, I find that at night, I like to stay nice and warm, where my husband likes it to be cold. This can cause a issue for both of us, where I will allow him to turn on the fan and crack the window open in the winter while I pile on the blankets and burrow under them. The thing is, until recently, I was unaware that we had options, where we could both be comfortable without me freezing to death or my husband having issues with getting too hot at night. This solution became a reality when we were sent the BedJet V2 Comfort System (affiliate link) along with the AirComforter Sheet to review.

With the BedJet, we get a climate control system for our bed that provides the comfort that both of us seek at night. The system comes with the BedJet, that is simple to set up and begin using right away, where you have the BedJet itself that goes on the floor, then a hose that you connect to the foot of the bed to provide a cooling or warming airflow under the sheets.

We can then each have control over the comfort and temperature of our bed, where I can keep the wireless remote on my nightstand and my husband can also adjust as needed using the app. Giving control of the temperature with just the press of a button. Which for me, allows me to warm up my side of the bed, then switch it over to cool down and keep my husband’s side of the bed cool with the air flowing on his feet throughout the night.

Giving us a simple solution that we can use year round, when it comes to the issue of climate comfort control in the bed when we use the BedJet. Where we can cool or warm one side of the bed, without causing any disturbances to the other side of the bed. Which in all, makes the BedJet a must have for anyone who has issues with hot flashes, night sweats, shares a bed with someone who likes different temps in the room or for those who enjoy the cooling and or warming effects that the BedJet offers!

Product received, thank you to BedJet as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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