Decorating Kids Rooms with Eclipse MyScene Set Sail Thermaback Blackout Window Curtains

When it comes to the kids and decorating their rooms, I find that as a mom, I like to not only seek out the products that flow well with the room and themes my kids enjoy, but also the products that offer a little more. This little more comes with those clocks that can assist with sleep training, or in my case where we live in the PNW and have longer days and shorter nights in the horizon, can help the kids with telling time. I also find that when it comes to the aspect of sleep and those long days where it remains light out until 10 pm in the coming months, that I like to have the curtains that can assist with making it a little easier on the kids. So when we were sent a pair of the Eclipse MyScene Set Sail Thermaback Blackout Window Curtains to review, I was excited to add them to my youngest’s room!

See in my house, we have used the various Eclipse Curtains in different rooms, which help with not only offering that blackout effect during those longer days, but also offer a noise reducing and thermal barrier. Giving us curtains that are more than just a decorative piece to add to the room, but curtains that help to keep the warm air in during the cold months or the cool air in during the warmer months, along with keeping extra outside noises limited when they are shut. Which for my kids, especially my youngest, is a must have when it comes to seeking out the curtains to add to his room. Making the choice to add the Eclipse MyScene Set Sail Thermaback Blackout Window Curtains to your child’s room, a choice that you will be glad you made!

Product received, thank you to Eclipse Curtains as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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