Easy Tips for Battling Against Chapped Lips

Chapped lips seem to be synonymous
with winter in many parts of the world at large; dry and flaky lips comes with
cold and dry weather. Fortunately, there are
to avoid this
, and keep your
lips looking soft and un-chapped throughout the year. Keeping your lips un-chapped
is very important when it comes to comfort and aesthetics, because chapped lips
are often sore and uncomfortable. Since they happen when the skin is dry, it
also means that your skin is uncomfortably tight at the same time.


are various oils which are good for chapped lips, and two of the most
well-known include coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Both oils are extremely
rich and fatty, which is good for repairing your various types of skin.

oil is thicker, and not so easily absorbed. For this reason, it is best used by
people who want an overnight cure, as that can give it time to do its work.
Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, which can make it easier to apply.

almond oil is more suited to application during the day, as it is a thinner
oil, and more easily absorbed. Sweet almond oil is also a liquid at room
temperature, which makes it easier to carry throughout the day.


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is something which has been said to be very good for chapped lips, for a number
of reasons. The juice is very healing, and it can be applied during the day so
long as you have access to a cucumber slice. Apply the juice to your lips, wash
it of after ten minutes, and you are done.


is wonderfully healing for just about everything, and chapped lips are no
exception. This is a very good treatment for overnight use, as it means that
there is plenty of time for the aloe to be absorbed by your skin. To use it,
squeeze the gel out of the leaf, and apply it to your lips before going to bed.
Rinse carefully in the morning.

Tea Bags

tea bags are very good for in general, being packed full of antioxidants and toxin
reducers. This is a remedy for chapped lips which can be used anywhere, so long
as you have to both a green tea bag, and a cup of hot water.

way to use this remedy is to put the tea bag into the hot water for a short
time (maybe you can wing using it to make a cup of tea at the same time!), and
then apply the green tea bag to your lips. Be careful not to burn yourself.
Repeat this once a day and the tannins in the green tea will act to soothe the
skin on your lips over a period of some time.

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  1. Amy Drazen
    March 16, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    Very cool tips! I especially like the cucumber idea, because I always have cucumber on-hand.

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